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{ skeleton keys } November 14, 2009


Remember the joy when you received your 1st set of keys to the house as you turn of age? Or the excitement on the vast possibilities and future jubilation when you turn the keys to your new home? Or sweet nostalgia as you handled the keys to a very special box where memories and precious things are kept? Keys mean so much…a place of security, a home you call your own, or something you want to keep secret and only you would know and understand what the contents mean to you.


These skeleton key necklaces are a continuation of my obsession with them – their simple beauty, or for some, their extremely intricate details. Popular in the late 1800s, these keys conjure images of vintage furniture, classical homes, Gothic churches and antiqued chests. The possibilities of imagination are endless when the old (the key necklaces) and the new (your outfit) co-exist in fashion and style.


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NA0239 - trio of keys necklace


{ clouds and tooth } September 16, 2009


I remember when I first lost my first tooth that it was a cloudy day. I was standing by the gate, and staring at the sky with a string from my mouth. Being too afraid to visit the dentist, my traditional parents did the traditional thing of tying my very shaky tooth to a string. The other end was tied to the grilles of the gate and with one fast motion, my Daddy pulled open the gate and I remembered wailing like a little baby. Luckily, my Daddy was there to comfort me and gave me a cotton wool to bite on.


The evening then saw showers and a nice balmy night for sleeping (without a threatening tooth). Now, I still look at the clouds and think of that day (aka my 1st experience of extracting a tooth).


I wish it will rain soon…


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{ in actual words ~ part II } August 27, 2009

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The 2nd part of the series on words on brass pendants. Coming soon~! Hand-stamped, customizable word pendants! Look out for that. Now, more about this series.


So many things are said…so many people don’t mean what they say or are afraid to say what they mean or feel or think. Some say rubbish or tell lies. It’s a pity!


Actions speak louder than words. That’s true. Pictures speak a thousand words. True enough. But words still matter. They give meaning and make understanding easier. When some feelings or thoughts are uncommunicated or repressed, we feel worse about ourselves or live with some regrets that the other party didn’t get the message, or understand our real feelings. It’s never easy to speak…but at least, it’s an avenue or a medium bestowed upon us by powers above, a gift that we shouldn’t abuse, neglect or take for granted. Say it with care. Say it with love.


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NA0229 - breathe...and listen to the hummingbird necklaceNA0216 - hoping for a journey on my vespa necklace



{ ring! ring! } June 26, 2009

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Somedays, I wish to wear a simple ring…a casual fun finger-wear that I can touch and feel when I’m thinking on bus trips, or mindlessly finger as I gaze out of the window at the moving scenery.

These simple creations are grouped together for easy viewing. Price stated is for each ring. Do let me know which ring you fancy in each picture. All rings have an adjustable nickel-free band if you are sensitive to this metal.



{ keys of inspiration ~ part I } May 5, 2009


Antiqued keys conjure romantic notions of a time past, of a place where treasures were safely locked from plain view in immovable chests or dainty jewel boxes. They never fail to inspire me to dream of the place where it might have been, transporting me to a period that I always find in the classics.


Imagining drawers that have yet been discovered, old chests that were not opened for ages, antiqued keys are like guardians to these memories or secrets. Safely tucked away, these containers lie in wait for the holder of the key to reveal their treasures within, treasures that were held so dear to the heart.


Stamped with singular words of “Journey”, “Heart” or “Memory” (short, concise and poignant), these keys of inspirations hope to interpret your feelings of the moment, the life at present or a past experience much cherished.



NA0209 - 'i heart paris' necklaceNA0213 - queen of the journey necklaceNA0208 - memory keeper necklace



{ teardrop } February 26, 2009

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These teardrop pendants are beautifully poetic – sometimes sad, sometimes full of hope. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it has to do with the association with water. And maybe because these choker necklaces will lie close to the heart when worn long on the chest bone. Worn short, they lie close to the collarbones or throat.


Clarity. Only the heart sees clearly and rightly. And the tongue shall speak so.



NA0128 - 'a small piece of twilight' choker cord necklaceNA0105 - 'tears are blue' choker necklace


{ let’s drive down memory lane! } August 14, 2008

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They are back! My favorite vehicles – Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Beetle and Vespa. Wouldn’t it be just lovely to ‘drive down’ memory lane (literally!) in these? Eco-friendly too!



NA0173 - rainbow mini necklace



{ revisiting turkish delight } July 13, 2008

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They are back! And with a vengeance! Re-encountering the 2 brothers from Turkey this time round, I brought back these beauties that many of you simply love! Individually handcrafted from a special copper alloy, these earrings sport unique shapes and are painted by hand. If you love the bohemian look, these earrings create a luxe ethnic feel with its bold colors. Whether you are decking them with a luxurious kaftan or a hot trendy blouse, you’re sure to dazzle this summer.



EA0116 and EA0117 - peacock blue/turquoise kite in the sky earringsEA0118 - blue dove earringsEA0120 - 'I love curves!' earrings in tangerine pinkEA0112 - refreshing mint earringsEA0113 - paisley earringsEA0111 - pasture scalloped petal earringsEA0124 - pastel lavender earrings


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