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{ let’s drive down memory lane! } August 14, 2008

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They are back! My favorite vehicles – Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Beetle and Vespa. Wouldn’t it be just lovely to ‘drive down’ memory lane (literally!) in these? Eco-friendly too!



NA0173 - rainbow mini necklace



{ i love this beetle! } April 7, 2008

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After the success of our collection in ‘Tribute to my Favorite Vehicles’, I’m following up with another one of my all-time beloved automobiles. This car never fails to draw my attention whenever it passes my line of vision – the Volkwagen Beetle. The Beatles loved it, Heikenwaelder Hugo drew it, and ‘Transformers’ made it all the more famous with Autobot Bumblebee. The list goes on…


Here’s our playful take on this classic German vehicle that continues to inspire us. You can wear it out on a sunny day, when you just want to be a little crazier, a little more carefree, a little younger than you could be on any typical day. Its exuberant colors allow you to pair it with just a simple white or black tee…and you will still look cheerful!


NA0155 - goodluck ladybug beetle necklace (only blue left!)


NA0134 - "Beep, beep, beetle!" necklace


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