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{ hedgehogs } June 17, 2009

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They are cute. Simply adorable. Small and spiky in order to protect themselves. The babies have such cute faces and round beady eyes, and when they curl up on your palms, you’ll totally melt.


cute hedgehog


And these pouches just brings me back to the days of playing Sonic The Hedgehog on Nintendo with my younger brother and cousins, trying to outdo each other and learning all the tricks and hidden paths. I can still remember those childhood days when Nintendo first came out and us vying to get our hands on this hit game. Much laughter…and healthy rivalry.


PA0009 - garden hedgehog zipped pouchPA0010 - cutie hedgehog pouch


{ elephant in the room } April 9, 2009

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On the eve of April, I read that another 2 elephants were shot by illegal loggers or poachers. Less than 3,000 Sumatran elephants can be found in the wild. Not just elephants, but many animals are being killed every day by these terrible people. So, if there is no market for their skin and husks, there will be no more such poachers.


They are such inspirations, especially in children literature, which I’m sure some of you lovelies out there, like me, had enjoyed these stories and illustrations of them. Be it Dumbo, Elmer, Horton or Babar, many had been inspired by their gentleness (despite their size which says something) and amazing physical characteristics.


I found this very cute picture of a baby elephant Ko Raya, recently born into the Berlin Zoo on March 15. So lovable!


Baby Elephant Ko Raya - Photo courtesy of


Green Tip: Bring your eco-bag out when you are shopping! There are many in the market and they pack small for easy popping into your bag. They hardly weigh a dime. Check out Daiso for the many $2 recycling bags! Remember, small changes, big impact!

PA0008 - unlikely friends Momo & Lulu pouch


NA0044 - 'elephant can dribble too!' necklacePA0007 - elephant apple picnic pouch


{ ballistic about dogs } March 7, 2009

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Recently, I went to watch 2 movies about dogs, ‘Marley & Me’ and ‘Hotel About Dogs’. Happy! It’s simply delightful to look at their kind eyes and often hilarious ways.


Every pup has its character right? But all loyal, instinctive and protective of their masters and families. Even though I end up crying at most of these dog movies, I can’t help adding to the repertoire. Here’s a sample:


  1. 10 Promises to My Dog
  2. Eight Below
  3. Snow Dogs
  4. Benji
  5. Lassie
  6. Quill
  7. All About Dogs
  8. Must Love Dogs
  9. Hearty Paws
  10. 101 Dalmatians
  11. Beethoven series
  12. Homeward Bound series
  13. Marley & Me
  14. Hotel For Dogs


I wish I could have a dog! And because I don’t (more like, can’t) have one, I’m still glad for the times that I can spend with my friends’ doggies. Even went to the length of ‘adopting’ my friend’s pup, Speed, and showering him with treats and clothes to protect his tummy (skin sensitivity, poor boy!)


Always imagine living in the country with lots of room for my pup to roam. Very much like the scene in ‘Marley & Me’ when John Grogans sat with the aging Marley, watching the sun set over a field of golden wheat. Sweet!


Inspired by these fluffy animals, one of God’s many blessings to mankind…


NA0182 - 'It's good to be home' necklaceNA0181 - 'This hydrant is mine!' necklace

PA0005 - pup on scooter pouchPA0006 - 'I'm your sailor dog' pouch

NA0183 - canine instincts necklaceNA0133 - doggie & bone! necklace

NA0179 - my trusty pal necklace


NA0180 - king of the house necklace


{ on-the-go sling pouches } February 1, 2009


Individually handmade with fabrics imported from Japan, these sling pouches are the newest addition to pling’s offerings. Hooray!!


Don’t you just wish for a carefree day out sometimes? Carrying just music and some essentials that will sustain you while you are out wandering. These are made just for that!


Roomy enough to contain an iPod (music is important!), or your digital camera for snapping away, and even your mobile (up to SmartPhone size). And to prevent cash/cards from scratching your precious gadgets, there are 2 compartments to separate the contents. These pouches are also cushioned to guard against minor knocks. The fabric on the exterior of the pouches has been waterproofed against the unpredictable drizzle.


Each sling pouch features a snap button clasp to enclose the contents. A ribbed brown ribbon acts as a sling that you can hang on your side or across your body. Just tie a simple knot at the end to adjust the length and you’re ready to go! Enjoy your day!


PA0001 - bunny teddy sling pouchPA0002 - little animals sling pouch



PA0003 - home sweet home sling pouchPA0004 - happy days sling pouch


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