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{ elephant in the room } April 9, 2009

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On the eve of April, I read that another 2 elephants were shot by illegal loggers or poachers. Less than 3,000 Sumatran elephants can be found in the wild. Not just elephants, but many animals are being killed every day by these terrible people. So, if there is no market for their skin and husks, there will be no more such poachers.


They are such inspirations, especially in children literature, which I’m sure some of you lovelies out there, like me, had enjoyed these stories and illustrations of them. Be it Dumbo, Elmer, Horton or Babar, many had been inspired by their gentleness (despite their size which says something) and amazing physical characteristics.


I found this very cute picture of a baby elephant Ko Raya, recently born into the Berlin Zoo on March 15. So lovable!


Baby Elephant Ko Raya - Photo courtesy of


Green Tip: Bring your eco-bag out when you are shopping! There are many in the market and they pack small for easy popping into your bag. They hardly weigh a dime. Check out Daiso for the many $2 recycling bags! Remember, small changes, big impact!

PA0008 - unlikely friends Momo & Lulu pouch


NA0044 - 'elephant can dribble too!' necklacePA0007 - elephant apple picnic pouch


{ woody safari } March 27, 2008

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Roaming freely in a protected safari, these animals are out to play! Be it your little creatures of the woods, or the majestic wildlife in a tropical rain forest, keep your favorite wooden animal close to your heart as humans storm the earth with much industrialization and deforestation. Just pair it with a simple tree or a plain blouse and you’re good to go!


NA0141 - ‘Who will win the race?’ necklace

NA0140 - springtime trumpet concerto


NA0153 - perky ducky necklace; NA0154 - beary nice necklaceNA0151 - little koala prince necklaceNA0145 - zany zebra necklaceNA0146 - jumbo dumbo elephant & Pinocchio necklaceNA0152 - over the hedgehog necklace


~ wooden delight ~ December 10, 2007

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The main feature in these necklaces is their wooden pendant in the shape of delightful animals like a puppy, a kitten, elephants & a zebra. Wood tends to give a feeling of life to jewelry pieces, often adding that endearing touch of raw, unpretentious beauty.



NA0043 - ‘kitty goes roaming!’ necklaceNA0041 - doggie necklaceNA0035 - ‘elephant never forgets’ necklaceNA0042 - ‘zebra is crossing!’ necklace


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