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plingshop is live! August 22, 2013

pling is finally open! After many moons of re-dressing, and many late nights of plugging into earphones and coding away, and grimacing over designs and poring over typography, plingshop is live – with a new look, a new brand logo, an online shop, and unifying this blogshop. I can hardly hide my excitement!

There are many people to thank.

For fear of sounding like giving a teary ‘thank you for the award’ speech, please allow me the luxury of naming in general. My friends (you know who you are) for being my sounding boards – listening to my ideas and sometimes misty concepts that I cannot articulate as well as I’d like to. My customers, whose loyalty and messages never fail to encourage me, and whose patience and anticipation tell me that they remember pling. And most importantly, God. Without Him, I would never enjoy such blessings, strength and opportunities. With Him, all things are possible – this dream of running my little business, and creating pieces with my heart, head and hands, and having you like them. Thank you! ♥

Celebrate the opening of pling!

  • From now till August 31, enjoy 15% off storewide. How do you do that? Enjoy the discount code ‘plingshopopen‘ when you are checking out your shopping cart. This happens at Step 2 of your shopping journey.

  • And for pling’s customers who are residing in Singapore, enjoy additional free local shipping when you purchase S$100 or more from us. There is no need to enter any discount. It will be automatically applied when your purchases are over S$100.

Also, remember to sign up for pling news (signup form is at the header and footer of this new website).

And If you haven’t like us on Facebook, let us entice you to do so soon!
[ Hint: There is going to be another a giveaway contest very soon! ]

Now, I can’t wait to start creating new pieces. Onward we go!


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