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{ blue } January 7, 2010


Hope everyone have had a wondrous Christmas, fun-filled New Year and a beautiful start to 2010! A big shout-out to you lovelies out there that I have new Facebook fan page and apologies for asking all of you who were in my FB group previously to rejoin this fan page. I’ll be uploading to the fan page now since I could also hold exclusive promotions, previews, giveaways and contests there! So, join me! Looking forward to seeing all of you there.


Onward to the post…


Many were feeling blue now that the long holidays have officially ended on Monday, which inspired these creations and this post. I’m sure that blue is not always associated with gloominess and dismay, and not all the time. Before we sink into such dismal sentiments for this particular hue, I would like to invite all of you to think of skies so blue that you just admire how sublime this color is. Think of the myriad of blues in the sea as it changes in depth and mineral deposits. Think of how these two (the sky and the sea) combine to form a picturesque vista that is so healing to the mind, body and soul. Think of the mysterious blue of the night that hints of the great unknown. Think of comfortable blue jeans so soft that you can’t feel anymore snug. Think of blue…positively and fondly.


I love these blues…and I hope you do too! Wishing you all a refreshed start and another blessed year ahead.

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.
May songbirds serenade you every step along the way.
May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue.
And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.



{ greek goddess } June 10, 2009


Even when it’s summer (translation: scorching), the parties cannot stop. Meeting up with loved ones, friends or business associates seem to be also turning up the heat right in the middle of the season. And this season, we see dresses that are inspired by Greek goddesses. Think Lena Headey in the movie ‘300’. Think silk satin and chiffon. Think romantic, structured flair and creamy colors. You are on your way…


Whether it’s the draped dress for summer cocktails, the bustier gown or the one-shoulder dress for evening events, or the bandeau dress for a day reception, be sure to lend the appeal of these Athens-inspired accessories to navigate the social whirl. Strike a Grecian pose!


NA0217 - peace loving people necklaceEA0098 - golden peace hoop earrings
NA0106 - chunky draped choker necklaceNA0166 - swan lake necklace

SA0019 - emerald and pea pod circles set

SA0021 - honeycomb art deco 3-piece set


EA0089 - purple-pink grapefruit trapeze earrings


{ party chic } December 11, 2008

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Year-end. Lots of parties, gatherings, get-together & family dinners! Lots of reasons to dress up, look stunning and feel good! Even if you are rushing like a crazed lady for the deadline, given the short workweek, don’t you just hate looking sloppy for a party?


I love these luxe sets. Chic, simple and yet very ‘together’. You don’t really have to fuss too much about matching them as their colors (honey gold, smoky grey and midnight blue) are undeniably complementary for all skin tones. You can wear them each on its own, pair them together, or go all out with the whole set.


Depending on what you are wearing, I would recommend just 2 at a time. A tube dress? Go with the earrings and necklace. A V-neck dress? The bracelet and earrings would add just that right amount of panache. Not a dress? Wear either the earrings, the bracelet or the necklace, and still look dressed up (without trying too hard) and prettily chic!


SA0030 - Marvella chic-frond setSA0010 - Marvella blue iris set


SA0011 - Marvella art deco set


{ go maxi this season } May 21, 2008

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This season, we see maxi prints dominate the runways, be it tribal, graphical or florals. Now, you can do maxi even when you are wearing black on that dreary day to work.


These wonderful combinations with turquoise stones remind one of the boldness and ‘no fear’ attitudes of the African Americans…and of course, their unique style. Don the earrings confidently with your hair away from your face, or use the chokers to highlight your sexy collarbones when you’re out in a black tube dress. Be bold…and beautiful!



SA0028 - raindrops teardrops setEA0110 - turquoise waterfall chandelier earrings


{ green with envy } March 31, 2008

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Every time I fish out something from my very big bag – a pouch, a wallet, a carryall, my friends will exclaim that it’s green. Again! It seems that, without my conscious choice, I seem to always go for the color green in my accessories and sometimes, in my clothes.


It’s an easy to wear color and is often used in vintage fabrics and prints, which I love. Like blue, green is a cool color and has a calming effect. When these 2 hues combine, they echo the harmony of Mother Nature, water and forest. When worn with yellow and black (or white), green gives a outdoor sporty outlook. Purple, with green, is highly contrasting and connotes boldness in character. With neon colors so in season this spring, try it!


EA0024 - clover semi-precious earringsEA0084 - waterfall of mint earrings
SA0014 - dancing squares set

EA0043 - avocado & woad earrings set


SA0012 - pea goddess setEA0083 - trapeze drop earringsEA0023 - pine drop earrings


{ the mystery of black } February 17, 2008


Enough about black being visually slimming, and easy to wear. One just has to look around. On a typical Monday, you’ll always see lots of black in the office – black attire, black faces (Hahaha…). Black has become a lazy color to wear on a dreary day when you cannot bring yourself to do mix n’ match in the morning, when you just want to put on something decent and get to work while keeping the eye on the clock for knockoff time.


Rather than saying black is lazy, I would rather think that black is easy to wear. Almost all skin tones can wear it. The trick is how to wear it well and what to wear with it. I’ll touch on accessories here, which most would think “Just wear black with black. And you’ll not go wrong.” It’s not always true. Read on.


Earrings: wear black earrings against colored hair. This helps bring out the mysterious, even mischievous, glint in your eye. If you have black hair, bun it up in an elegant style, and you’ll add a touch of chic sophistication to your look.


Necklaces: Chokers or necklaces that rest on your collarbones are great for bringing out the translucence of bare skin. This, you can wear with your little black dress or black cocktail dress. However, do not wear black necklaces that rest directly on black clothes, unless the black necklace is very bling bling. Use a black necklace to tone down brighter colors that might otherwise seem overpowering.


The important thing when wearing black accessories is to match the mood of your clothes with your accessories. If you are wearing a cocktail dress, or something sexy, choose a choker or necklace that rests on your collarbones to ‘add interest’ to your bare skin. Earrings are a must. Preferably something that shines. For office or more conservative wear, wear a less elaborate, but pretty, piece to highlight our dark Asian eyes. Match with smoky eye makeup, and you complete the black look of mystery, sophistication and sexiness. Don’t overdo the eyes though…unless you’re going for the Goth look.


Now, you’re ready to be a black belt in that black tie event!


EA0067 - classic inverted fan earrings
SA0016 - ebony vineyard necklace & earrings set


EA0040 - vintage simple black earringsSA0013 - Morrocan style noir chandelier setEA0069 - sexy oynx dangle earringsEA0003 - ornate onyx drop earringsEA0082 - jet black leaf drop earrings



~ be cool! ~ January 4, 2008

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Blue is a color liked by many men and women. Pantone selected a certain shade of blue, called Blue Iris, as the color of the year for 2008. Because of its calming effect, it’s no wonder that wearing blue helps create a feeling of serenity. Why’s that?


Well, blues are associated with clear skies and clean waters, and by extrapolating that, clear thinking and meditative environments. You can almost hear the water babbling in a brook under a cloudless sky. Wearing ocean hues give that feeling of calmness while donning darker shades, a comfort zone feeling. Think blue jeans.


Even though it’s one of the top 3 most popular colors, you can sometimes wear the wrong shade of blue for your skin tone. I believe it’s never ‘I cannot wear blue’. More like ‘I cannot wear this shade of blue’. Rule of the thumb: fair skin (spring & winter skin tones) – brighter blues like turquoise, Prussian blue, aqua, sapphire, baby blue, cobalt; dark skin (summer & autumn skin tones) – darker blues like indigo, Provencal blue, china blue, regal blue, navy blue. And of course, anyone can wear denim blue. Pay special care to the blue that you wear near your face (so bottoms are less of a concern) so that you can avoid looking sallow and listless.


People who wear blue radiate intelligence, strength, importance and peacefulness. Now, that’s enough reason to chill out in blues!



SA0006 - Haskell peacock blue daisy & teardrop set


SA0005 - Nine West ethnic blues setSA0008 - silver blue cluster beads setNA0015 - Robert Rose ornate leaf necklace


~ worktime, playtime, anytime ~ December 19, 2007

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‘Tis the season to be giving…and not one to be reeling from the confusion of what to give your girlfriends that they can wear to work, something prac Something simple, something practical enough to coordinate with work wear, and definitely something not mediocre.


These earrings + necklace set makes sure that your girlfriends (even yourself) still look appropriately dressed up for that meeting, seminar or conference. Great for coordinating with basic blacks, whites and hues that are not too outrageous for work.


A woman can still look graceful even when donning that stiff jacket to the workplace. Viva donna!


SA0004S - silvertone floral bloom setSA0009 - circle of eternity set


SA0004C - coppertone floral bloom setSA0003 - smoky teardrop set


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