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{ steely cool } March 31, 2010

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For my lovelies who have been shouting to me: “Give me something to give to guys!”, or “Do you have something that guys could wear?”, or “Do you have any stainless steel necklaces?”. I heard you loud and clear! 🙂


To all my cool babes and dudes, here is something for you that will appeal to your unfaltering want for the chic and the sophisticated. Made from stainless steel (chain too!), these necklaces spell understated chic with their smooth finishes and well-cut lines.


For the ladies, pair them with a simple boyfriend tee or statement-making stripes for effortless cool all year round. For the dudes, electrify your run-of-the-mill tee-and-jeans get-up with some attitude in these steely pieces.


And do I hear some of you saying “Finally!” with a wave of the hand in the air? 😛 Quantities are very limited, so grab yours now!




{ forever noir } July 15, 2009


Black is never out of style. And I’m so sure that many of you out there will vouch for this hue that spells classic beauty, sensational style with a hint of mystery and sensuality. It can go from downtown cool to uptown repertoire, from laid-back chick to show-stopping style. I love black’s dichotomy of austerity and ductility. Colors, even black, can be fun!


NA0198 - let there be flowers necklace


EA0086 - black stone marquis studsNA0022 - rings of swirls necklaceSA0020 - gleaming blacks 3-piece setEA0085 - jet set, jet black earrings


{ earth, water & flowers } April 22, 2009


This title bears a tad resemblance to “Earth, Wind & Fire” right? Ok, a tiny tad. More aptly, it’s this week’s upload on flower-themed creations with this month’s dedication to Eco-Chic.


Today is Earth Day! And what a beautiful reminder to do good to the place we share. To continue the thread on sharing, here’s a simple picture I took of a dainty little yellow flower by the roadside. I’m just hoping that wildflowers will not disappear or that flowers have shorter blooming cycles since winters are longer and spring is late to come. Don’t you think such simple, spontaneous beauty is inspiring and it would be truly disastrous to not find them anymore on the streets, growing by the corners, waiting to be discovered and admired?


yellow flower by the roadside © pling


Green Tip: I save water (and money!) at home using the water leftover from rice to water my flowers and plants every day. It’s really good for them as the water contains the “polished-off” nutrients from the rice and thus a natural fertilizer! Totally organic! You can also use used grounded coffee or tea leaves after your daily cuppa. And those who come to my little apartment thought, “Green fingers”. But the secret is out!


For today (April 22), don’t drive. Take public transport. Or do something “green” that you don’t usually do. Join the eco-movement! I’m sure, like me, you would like to admire these floral blessings. pling‘s little dedication…hope you like them!


NA0049 - watering can of blooms necklace

NA01632 - 'My lil Elf Self' necklace


RA0010 - purple bloom adjustable ring


{ among flowers and butterflies } March 24, 2008

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We have always been inspired by Nature, one of God’s many gifts to mankind. Besides animals, films and music, pling has looked to flora and its faithful companion, butterflies, for inspiration. In one of my travels, Rome in particular (of which I’m sharing 2 of my pictures with you here), I was lucky to chance upon a huge garden of lavender in front of Galleria Borghese (a museum) and a tiny garden of wild flowers on a hillside, facing the ancient city.



Such was the beauty around us! If only we can always find time to stop and admire them…well, at least with these accessories, we can wear them and borrow Nature’s beauty to adorn our everyday lives.



EA0063 - rose in a frame studsEA0012 - butterfly flutterlace earringsEA0079 - flower of the orient earrings



~ be cool! ~ January 4, 2008

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Blue is a color liked by many men and women. Pantone selected a certain shade of blue, called Blue Iris, as the color of the year for 2008. Because of its calming effect, it’s no wonder that wearing blue helps create a feeling of serenity. Why’s that?


Well, blues are associated with clear skies and clean waters, and by extrapolating that, clear thinking and meditative environments. You can almost hear the water babbling in a brook under a cloudless sky. Wearing ocean hues give that feeling of calmness while donning darker shades, a comfort zone feeling. Think blue jeans.


Even though it’s one of the top 3 most popular colors, you can sometimes wear the wrong shade of blue for your skin tone. I believe it’s never ‘I cannot wear blue’. More like ‘I cannot wear this shade of blue’. Rule of the thumb: fair skin (spring & winter skin tones) – brighter blues like turquoise, Prussian blue, aqua, sapphire, baby blue, cobalt; dark skin (summer & autumn skin tones) – darker blues like indigo, Provencal blue, china blue, regal blue, navy blue. And of course, anyone can wear denim blue. Pay special care to the blue that you wear near your face (so bottoms are less of a concern) so that you can avoid looking sallow and listless.


People who wear blue radiate intelligence, strength, importance and peacefulness. Now, that’s enough reason to chill out in blues!



SA0006 - Haskell peacock blue daisy & teardrop set


SA0005 - Nine West ethnic blues setSA0008 - silver blue cluster beads setNA0015 - Robert Rose ornate leaf necklace


~ remember the good ole days ~ December 21, 2007

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Go on a nostalgic journey when you were still a little girl…ogling at granny’s gleaming gold handbag and those large frame spectacles that are making a comeback now…dialing a rotary phone that’s oh-so-cool and going ‘Hello! Hello!’ while cradling the handset that was too big for your tiny hands…hiding under the soft, warm patchwork blanket that mummy or granny has made specially for you.


These retro accessories remind you of a bygone era. I love retro and vintage clothings, home decor and lifestyle items. Why? Because they have history. Because they have a story to tell. Because they are usually colorful, bold, subtly embellished and absolutely cool.


How then do you wear these retro accessories? The key is keeping the rest of your outfit simple. Not too much bling-bling or complicated prints on the rest of your outerwear or you risk looking like a X’mas tree. Let the piece be the statement itself. And most importantly, wear it with attitude!


Spice up your style, get creative now and let’s go retro!



NA0067 - ‘Good Kitty!’ necklaceNA0071 - ‘I spy with my little eye…’ necklaceNA0060 - 'flitter, flutter' necklaceNA0073 - ‘Ring, ring, anyone home?’ necklaceNA0062 - retro bag of goodies necklace


Introducing…shupg December 9, 2007

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In pling, you’ll find handmade goodies which are lovingly created & crafted. Relying on the wide premises of imagination, our experiences in life, our interaction with God and people, our influences from movies, images & music, we hope to inject some uniqueness & individuality to your style!


First up…shupg ! shupg gets her inspiration from the images that occur in her mind, from the classical pieces that she listened to and practised every day, from the everyday life when a moment is captured in the mental eye . This series of shupg creations (4 necklaces & 2 earrings) tells of a story and appeals to the romantic in all of us! Even if you don’t want to admit it!



NA0048 - country treehouse necklaceEA0055 - flirty flowers earringsNA0046EA0054 - lazy daisy earringsNA0047 - classy bookworm necklace


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