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Introducing…shupg » NA0047 – classy bookworm necklace

*SOLD* This special leather book necklace is for that sexy librarian in you! Pair it with your black-rimmed glasses, a French chignon, a tweed pencil skirt, close-toed heeled pumps and you’re set to sizzle up every aisle in the library! And for the cheeky little girl in you, stealing a taste from a box of retro Sun-Maid raisins when the librarian is not looking always makes studying much more fun! The book has real blank off-white pages in them, all the better to pass secret notes in class!

L 40cm • Real leather notebook with blank paper pages 4cm • Bronze librarian reading glasses 2cm • Retro cardboard Sun-Maid raisin box 2cm • Adjustable length • Copper color

NA0048 – country treehouse necklace
EA0054 – lazy daisy earrings

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