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{ a petite bow } January 5, 2011


Much have happened since my last post and collection – family, work, and life in general, have gone onto another stage for me. My dear pling customers, fans, friends and supporters, thank you for all your lovely emails and notes during this time! You remind me about this little haven that I’ve created and help keep my humble dream alive! Pacing myself around this new routine, pling is back after the mad rush during the Xmas season. And I thank all of you for being so kind and patient with me and pling.


Now, onto my 1st post for this wonderful new year, and by sharing this inspiration during my one of my travels…



I was inspired by this sculpture which I saw at Musée d’Orsay in Paris – ‘La Petite Danseuse’ by Edgar Degas. Intrigued by the satin hair ribbons and real gauze skirts, this bronze dancer was a fine example of Impressionist art – powerful in emotions, and hyperreal with its real gauze tutu, pointe shoes and satin pink ribbons. Looking at the pictures I took of this beautiful piece of art, I recalled how tempted I was to add something to this pretty figure – a similarly petite bow necklace with an ethereal glitter from a single Swarovski crystal.


On hindsight, I created these to conjure that lovely memory, and to accompany your simpler days.



{ of kings & queens } December 20, 2008

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I’ve just watched the dvd of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’. Yes, I know..I’m slow! 😛 But all the same, I’m still inspired by that magical world conjured by C.S. Lewis – a place & period where kings & queens rule, princes and princesses reign, and mystical creatures roam. Charmed.


NA0178 - 'I wish to live in a castle!' necklaceNA0126 - pearly pink flowerburst choker


NA0107 - rosy crown triple-strand necklaceNA0124 - medieval charm necklaceNA0127 - elizabethan choker necklaceNA0169 - crowning glory necklace


~ be cool! ~ January 4, 2008

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Blue is a color liked by many men and women. Pantone selected a certain shade of blue, called Blue Iris, as the color of the year for 2008. Because of its calming effect, it’s no wonder that wearing blue helps create a feeling of serenity. Why’s that?


Well, blues are associated with clear skies and clean waters, and by extrapolating that, clear thinking and meditative environments. You can almost hear the water babbling in a brook under a cloudless sky. Wearing ocean hues give that feeling of calmness while donning darker shades, a comfort zone feeling. Think blue jeans.


Even though it’s one of the top 3 most popular colors, you can sometimes wear the wrong shade of blue for your skin tone. I believe it’s never ‘I cannot wear blue’. More like ‘I cannot wear this shade of blue’. Rule of the thumb: fair skin (spring & winter skin tones) – brighter blues like turquoise, Prussian blue, aqua, sapphire, baby blue, cobalt; dark skin (summer & autumn skin tones) – darker blues like indigo, Provencal blue, china blue, regal blue, navy blue. And of course, anyone can wear denim blue. Pay special care to the blue that you wear near your face (so bottoms are less of a concern) so that you can avoid looking sallow and listless.


People who wear blue radiate intelligence, strength, importance and peacefulness. Now, that’s enough reason to chill out in blues!



SA0006 - Haskell peacock blue daisy & teardrop set


SA0005 - Nine West ethnic blues setSA0008 - silver blue cluster beads setNA0015 - Robert Rose ornate leaf necklace


~ the color purple ~ December 13, 2007

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Purple is many things – mysterious, romantic, spiritual. This color of intrigue is seldom worn if you want to be hidden away in a corner like a wallflower. It’s a strong color, one that will get you noticed. From violets to lilacs, plums to mauves, how exactly do you wear purple?


Wear it with the earthiness of biege, tans & neutrals to exude that sense of enigma as the intensity of purple jots the balance. And if you are feeling cheerful today, mix it with greens and light colors like yellow to emanate your bubbly personality. Embody your femininity and display your purples with pink to give an air of romanticism.


If you are feeling special and unique, purple is the color to go and show the world that you could care less about what the world thinks. Be a purple cow! Be one of a kind!


NA0020 - Robert Rose ruby & vermilion charms choker


NA0016 - Robert Rose celtic iris necklaceNA0018 - Robert Rose celtic wine chokerNA0021 - Robert Rose purple teardrop beaded choker


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