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~ the color purple ~ December 13, 2007

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Purple is many things – mysterious, romantic, spiritual. This color of intrigue is seldom worn if you want to be hidden away in a corner like a wallflower. It’s a strong color, one that will get you noticed. From violets to lilacs, plums to mauves, how exactly do you wear purple?


Wear it with the earthiness of biege, tans & neutrals to exude that sense of enigma as the intensity of purple jots the balance. And if you are feeling cheerful today, mix it with greens and light colors like yellow to emanate your bubbly personality. Embody your femininity and display your purples with pink to give an air of romanticism.


If you are feeling special and unique, purple is the color to go and show the world that you could care less about what the world thinks. Be a purple cow! Be one of a kind!


NA0020 - Robert Rose ruby & vermilion charms choker


NA0016 - Robert Rose celtic iris necklaceNA0018 - Robert Rose celtic wine chokerNA0021 - Robert Rose purple teardrop beaded choker


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