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{ winter wonderland } November 29, 2009

A dash of gold in a blanket of silvery sheen reminds me of twinkling Christmas lights in a snowy city. Sadly, our summery island has no snowflakes teasing our faces as we saunter down the streets, buying gifts for our loved ones and meeting long-time friends for that warm cuppa tea and coffee. But movies kept that image alive within me and one day, I hope to spend Christmas in a place where there is snow. And for all you lovelies out there in the falling snow, keep warm and take care. I sure hope it’s not so wintry that it hurts.


These creations mix gold and silver color, and the results can be pretty amazing. Some allow you to jumble girlish charm with boyish chic, spruce up that midnight party glamor with simple allure, or even return to the simplicity of everyday life, noticing things that you have not. What’s life without taking a moment to appreciate life’s little wonders and small gestures of kindness, right?




{ of kings & queens } December 20, 2008

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I’ve just watched the dvd of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’. Yes, I know..I’m slow! 😛 But all the same, I’m still inspired by that magical world conjured by C.S. Lewis – a place & period where kings & queens rule, princes and princesses reign, and mystical creatures roam. Charmed.


NA0178 - 'I wish to live in a castle!' necklaceNA0126 - pearly pink flowerburst choker


NA0107 - rosy crown triple-strand necklaceNA0124 - medieval charm necklaceNA0127 - elizabethan choker necklaceNA0169 - crowning glory necklace


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