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{ blue } January 7, 2010


Hope everyone have had a wondrous Christmas, fun-filled New Year and a beautiful start to 2010! A big shout-out to you lovelies out there that I have new Facebook fan page and apologies for asking all of you who were in my FB group previously to rejoin this fan page. I’ll be uploading to the fan page now since I could also hold exclusive promotions, previews, giveaways and contests there! So, join me! Looking forward to seeing all of you there.


Onward to the post…


Many were feeling blue now that the long holidays have officially ended on Monday, which inspired these creations and this post. I’m sure that blue is not always associated with gloominess and dismay, and not all the time. Before we sink into such dismal sentiments for this particular hue, I would like to invite all of you to think of skies so blue that you just admire how sublime this color is. Think of the myriad of blues in the sea as it changes in depth and mineral deposits. Think of how these two (the sky and the sea) combine to form a picturesque vista that is so healing to the mind, body and soul. Think of the mysterious blue of the night that hints of the great unknown. Think of comfortable blue jeans so soft that you can’t feel anymore snug. Think of blue…positively and fondly.


I love these blues…and I hope you do too! Wishing you all a refreshed start and another blessed year ahead.

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.
May songbirds serenade you every step along the way.
May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue.
And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.



{ fly away } August 20, 2009


That day, I was looking at the birds at Bishan Park during the bazaar, while ogling at the dogs that were passing by, totally distracted by the birds, children and people all round, and probably shouting in their minds ‘BIRD!’. (Those who have watched the animation ‘Up!’ would know what I mean.)


In fact, I’m not much of a bird person. The ones that plaque the trees along Orchard Road really frighten me with their excited chirps in the evening. Probably I feel that their droppings might befall on my head anytime. But, I do think our little feathered friends have interesting shapes and such adorable body lines that really inspired this range of handmade necklaces and earrings. Some of those canaries, doves, and egrets that I’ve seen in bird parks, aviaries, nature reserves and as pets, are so endearing with their round eyes and bright songs.


Sometimes, I thought how wonderful it would be to take flight. Flying away to someplace beautiful, whenever your heart calls for it, or just hovering in the skies, taking in the view below among fluffy clouds, would be simply wonderful. If only I have wings…


NA0228 - flying over fields of blossoms necklaceNA0226 - pearly bird necklace

EA0159 - flying over snowy fields earringsEA0158 - soaring over emerald seas earrings



{ forever noir } July 15, 2009


Black is never out of style. And I’m so sure that many of you out there will vouch for this hue that spells classic beauty, sensational style with a hint of mystery and sensuality. It can go from downtown cool to uptown repertoire, from laid-back chick to show-stopping style. I love black’s dichotomy of austerity and ductility. Colors, even black, can be fun!


NA0198 - let there be flowers necklace


EA0086 - black stone marquis studsNA0022 - rings of swirls necklaceSA0020 - gleaming blacks 3-piece setEA0085 - jet set, jet black earrings


{ greek goddess } June 10, 2009


Even when it’s summer (translation: scorching), the parties cannot stop. Meeting up with loved ones, friends or business associates seem to be also turning up the heat right in the middle of the season. And this season, we see dresses that are inspired by Greek goddesses. Think Lena Headey in the movie ‘300’. Think silk satin and chiffon. Think romantic, structured flair and creamy colors. You are on your way…


Whether it’s the draped dress for summer cocktails, the bustier gown or the one-shoulder dress for evening events, or the bandeau dress for a day reception, be sure to lend the appeal of these Athens-inspired accessories to navigate the social whirl. Strike a Grecian pose!


NA0217 - peace loving people necklaceEA0098 - golden peace hoop earrings
NA0106 - chunky draped choker necklaceNA0166 - swan lake necklace

SA0019 - emerald and pea pod circles set

SA0021 - honeycomb art deco 3-piece set


EA0089 - purple-pink grapefruit trapeze earrings


{ teardrop } February 26, 2009

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These teardrop pendants are beautifully poetic – sometimes sad, sometimes full of hope. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it has to do with the association with water. And maybe because these choker necklaces will lie close to the heart when worn long on the chest bone. Worn short, they lie close to the collarbones or throat.


Clarity. Only the heart sees clearly and rightly. And the tongue shall speak so.



NA0128 - 'a small piece of twilight' choker cord necklaceNA0105 - 'tears are blue' choker necklace


{ of kings & queens } December 20, 2008

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I’ve just watched the dvd of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’. Yes, I know..I’m slow! 😛 But all the same, I’m still inspired by that magical world conjured by C.S. Lewis – a place & period where kings & queens rule, princes and princesses reign, and mystical creatures roam. Charmed.


NA0178 - 'I wish to live in a castle!' necklaceNA0126 - pearly pink flowerburst choker


NA0107 - rosy crown triple-strand necklaceNA0124 - medieval charm necklaceNA0127 - elizabethan choker necklaceNA0169 - crowning glory necklace


{ dramatize simply } May 28, 2008

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If you are thinking of heading out in this season’s structured dress, or striding the corridors in a men’s shirt; or going sweet and sexy in ruffles, or cool and arty in a graphical tunic, add a dash of drama with a statement necklace. Be it easy chic or modern romance, these single pendant necklaces allows you to dramatize your getup simply.


NA0120 - drama & wine choker necklaceNA0122 - medallion double beaded chain necklace


NA0108 - romance of jane austen necklace


{ the mystery of black } February 17, 2008


Enough about black being visually slimming, and easy to wear. One just has to look around. On a typical Monday, you’ll always see lots of black in the office – black attire, black faces (Hahaha…). Black has become a lazy color to wear on a dreary day when you cannot bring yourself to do mix n’ match in the morning, when you just want to put on something decent and get to work while keeping the eye on the clock for knockoff time.


Rather than saying black is lazy, I would rather think that black is easy to wear. Almost all skin tones can wear it. The trick is how to wear it well and what to wear with it. I’ll touch on accessories here, which most would think “Just wear black with black. And you’ll not go wrong.” It’s not always true. Read on.


Earrings: wear black earrings against colored hair. This helps bring out the mysterious, even mischievous, glint in your eye. If you have black hair, bun it up in an elegant style, and you’ll add a touch of chic sophistication to your look.


Necklaces: Chokers or necklaces that rest on your collarbones are great for bringing out the translucence of bare skin. This, you can wear with your little black dress or black cocktail dress. However, do not wear black necklaces that rest directly on black clothes, unless the black necklace is very bling bling. Use a black necklace to tone down brighter colors that might otherwise seem overpowering.


The important thing when wearing black accessories is to match the mood of your clothes with your accessories. If you are wearing a cocktail dress, or something sexy, choose a choker or necklace that rests on your collarbones to ‘add interest’ to your bare skin. Earrings are a must. Preferably something that shines. For office or more conservative wear, wear a less elaborate, but pretty, piece to highlight our dark Asian eyes. Match with smoky eye makeup, and you complete the black look of mystery, sophistication and sexiness. Don’t overdo the eyes though…unless you’re going for the Goth look.


Now, you’re ready to be a black belt in that black tie event!


EA0067 - classic inverted fan earrings
SA0016 - ebony vineyard necklace & earrings set


EA0040 - vintage simple black earringsSA0013 - Morrocan style noir chandelier setEA0069 - sexy oynx dangle earringsEA0003 - ornate onyx drop earringsEA0082 - jet black leaf drop earrings



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