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{ silver on black } August 10, 2008

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Nothing is more classic and sleek than a bit of silver on a large canvas of black. With the seasons in a jumble these days, get earrings that you can wear anywhere, with any outfit and be always in style. Be it to work, for a date or a casual day out, pop on one of these and go! With a dash of 925 silver against black wood or semi-precious onyx stones, these earrings connote modern chic and easy confidence. It’s no wonder why they are fail-safe additions to your wardrobe.



EA0066 - poppy drop earringsea0136_s


{ the mystery of black } February 17, 2008


Enough about black being visually slimming, and easy to wear. One just has to look around. On a typical Monday, you’ll always see lots of black in the office – black attire, black faces (Hahaha…). Black has become a lazy color to wear on a dreary day when you cannot bring yourself to do mix n’ match in the morning, when you just want to put on something decent and get to work while keeping the eye on the clock for knockoff time.


Rather than saying black is lazy, I would rather think that black is easy to wear. Almost all skin tones can wear it. The trick is how to wear it well and what to wear with it. I’ll touch on accessories here, which most would think “Just wear black with black. And you’ll not go wrong.” It’s not always true. Read on.


Earrings: wear black earrings against colored hair. This helps bring out the mysterious, even mischievous, glint in your eye. If you have black hair, bun it up in an elegant style, and you’ll add a touch of chic sophistication to your look.


Necklaces: Chokers or necklaces that rest on your collarbones are great for bringing out the translucence of bare skin. This, you can wear with your little black dress or black cocktail dress. However, do not wear black necklaces that rest directly on black clothes, unless the black necklace is very bling bling. Use a black necklace to tone down brighter colors that might otherwise seem overpowering.


The important thing when wearing black accessories is to match the mood of your clothes with your accessories. If you are wearing a cocktail dress, or something sexy, choose a choker or necklace that rests on your collarbones to ‘add interest’ to your bare skin. Earrings are a must. Preferably something that shines. For office or more conservative wear, wear a less elaborate, but pretty, piece to highlight our dark Asian eyes. Match with smoky eye makeup, and you complete the black look of mystery, sophistication and sexiness. Don’t overdo the eyes though…unless you’re going for the Goth look.


Now, you’re ready to be a black belt in that black tie event!


EA0067 - classic inverted fan earrings
SA0016 - ebony vineyard necklace & earrings set


EA0040 - vintage simple black earringsSA0013 - Morrocan style noir chandelier setEA0069 - sexy oynx dangle earringsEA0003 - ornate onyx drop earringsEA0082 - jet black leaf drop earrings



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