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{ let’s ear it for… } September 2, 2009


Earrings…if I ever stepped out without them, I feel bare or semi-dressed. Not that they have to be dressy all the time, I sometimes wear studs too if I’m wearing a statement necklace, or if there are too much details on my top.


Somehow, earrings seem to complete a look. For me, I fiddle with them when I’m reading, thinking, or simply staring into space, day-dreaming. Guess they help me think. Guess they have a texture that I can feel easily (without looking like I’m fondling something). Guess when they swing near my face, I feel a tad more vibrant. It’s amazing how much a simple piece of accessory, a pair of earrings, can do. And seriously, I don’t even think about it unless I didn’t wear them. So, let’s hear (ear) it for…


EA0109 - a little twinkle mini chandelier earringsEA0100 - amber chandelier earrings

EA0102 - 'quietly, sparkles' earrings


EA0099 - plum drops earringsEA0103 - turquoisine oval hoopsEA0145 - cerise quartz filigree earringsEA0094 - royal blue & citrine orange hoops earrings


{ greek goddess } June 10, 2009


Even when it’s summer (translation: scorching), the parties cannot stop. Meeting up with loved ones, friends or business associates seem to be also turning up the heat right in the middle of the season. And this season, we see dresses that are inspired by Greek goddesses. Think Lena Headey in the movie ‘300’. Think silk satin and chiffon. Think romantic, structured flair and creamy colors. You are on your way…


Whether it’s the draped dress for summer cocktails, the bustier gown or the one-shoulder dress for evening events, or the bandeau dress for a day reception, be sure to lend the appeal of these Athens-inspired accessories to navigate the social whirl. Strike a Grecian pose!


NA0217 - peace loving people necklaceEA0098 - golden peace hoop earrings
NA0106 - chunky draped choker necklaceNA0166 - swan lake necklace

SA0019 - emerald and pea pod circles set

SA0021 - honeycomb art deco 3-piece set


EA0089 - purple-pink grapefruit trapeze earrings


{ gold rush } May 27, 2009


Summer days are here! In full force than ever before. The weather didn’t used to be so bad. This heat is a poignant reminder that the Earth is really burning up.


Summer days = shimmery days. Why? I recall my childhood days when June meant school holidays and everything seemed to be cast in sun-glow – the swimming pools, the days out at the zoo, the sun coming out from the canopy of leaves above, and playing with sand at playgrounds. And as a child, I envied my aunts wearing those beautiful gold earrings that give such sparkle to these days. Now, you can give summer staples an instant hit of glam with these earrings. Wear it with everything from an elegant LBD to downtown denim. Just hook and go!


EA0151 - gold-plated filigree smoky quartz earringsEA0092 - citrine glimmer earrings


EA0152 - emerald swirls earringsEA0093 - textured gold smoky blue sparkles earringsEA0096 - intricate filigree hoop earingsEA0091 - chocolate and green art deco earrings


{ seashells by the seashore } February 18, 2009


Is it me? Or are the days getting hotter? It’s so hot these days that I’m dreaming of the sea. Days when you do nothing, except dipping in the salty sea; hiding under a shady tree, reading a book and then falling asleep against the sound of waves and sunlight basking your back; and then waking up to dip in the sea again; and that mug of ice-cold beer at night when the sun sets across the horizon.


These earrings are inspired by those idle days by the sea. If only I have a beach summer house…


EA0073 - classic red n' silver earringsEA0074 - seashells on the seashore earrings


EA0137 - red poppies earringsEA0088 - aquamarine marquis earrings


{ fall for silver } September 1, 2008

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Raindrops spatter the ground. Grey clouds loom threateningly in the sky. Signs that Fall is here. As fashion houses change their collection, we start switching to clothes that mimic the weather – be it in color or in corresponding thickness.


What’s fantastic for Fall are these 92.5 sterling silver earrings. Match them perfectly with your greys, blacks or anything in between. Silver are classic as they are lovely. Affordable and beautiful, these silver pieces look good with any style.


With proper care, these silver earrings can last you a lifetime. To minimize scratches and other damage, store them in a cloth pouch or in a separate compartment from your other accessories. Wearing them regularly is the best way to prevent tarnish from building up. Avoid spraying your perfume on them and be careful when you are dabbing your scent underneath your ears. Best to put your earrings on after you have put on your perfume. To clean them, it would be good to invest in a anti-tarnish silver polishing cloth.


This Fall, fall for silver.


EA0128 - silver cocoon earringsEA0071 - tangle-dangle silver disc earringsEA0127 - silver leaf earringsEA0131 - curly swirlies hoop earringsEA0139 - silver baroque earrings


~ i’m having fun! ~ December 6, 2007

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These unique, endearing earrings will put you right in the mood for having some fun! A casual day, a fun get-together with friends, a day of shopping till your legs give out and you crave for that cuppa…these dangles say it all.


As they swing happily on your ear lobes, enjoy your day and the people you love!




EA0050 - ‘let’s go shopping!’ hoop earringsEA0051 - ‘i’m on the merry-go-round’ hoop earringsEA0052 - milky spring green drop earringsEA0048 - vanity faire hoop earringsEA0053 - hippie earrings


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