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{ blue } January 7, 2010


Hope everyone have had a wondrous Christmas, fun-filled New Year and a beautiful start to 2010! A big shout-out to you lovelies out there that I have new Facebook fan page and apologies for asking all of you who were in my FB group previously to rejoin this fan page. I’ll be uploading to the fan page now since I could also hold exclusive promotions, previews, giveaways and contests there! So, join me! Looking forward to seeing all of you there.


Onward to the post…


Many were feeling blue now that the long holidays have officially ended on Monday, which inspired these creations and this post. I’m sure that blue is not always associated with gloominess and dismay, and not all the time. Before we sink into such dismal sentiments for this particular hue, I would like to invite all of you to think of skies so blue that you just admire how sublime this color is. Think of the myriad of blues in the sea as it changes in depth and mineral deposits. Think of how these two (the sky and the sea) combine to form a picturesque vista that is so healing to the mind, body and soul. Think of the mysterious blue of the night that hints of the great unknown. Think of comfortable blue jeans so soft that you can’t feel anymore snug. Think of blue…positively and fondly.


I love these blues…and I hope you do too! Wishing you all a refreshed start and another blessed year ahead.

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.
May songbirds serenade you every step along the way.
May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue.
And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.



{ simplicity } March 16, 2009


Had a good bazaar at The Cathay the past weekend! Thank you to YOU and all of you who came down to help, support or rave about our setup and pieces. Hopefully, we get to do more of these in the year.


For those who didn’t make it, no worries! Join plings facebook group (see right) and get updated whenever we have fixed a date for going on the road again. Touch and feel our pieces then! (Though some of our one-of-a-kind pieces might be grabbed up before we hit the roads. For those, check here regularly or sign up for our enewsletter updates. See right too.)


Pardon my very short upload this week. Too tired. Hahaha…and I’m really itching to start sewing with my new sewing machine and the super-adorable and exclusive Japanese fabrics that I’ve gotten.


For now, enjoy these handcrafted earrings made with Czech glass beads, amethyst, turquoise, agate, freshwater seed pearls and tourmaline. This is the delicate side of pling (though one may not see it often!). That’s why, only these 2 pairs.


EA0140 - turquoise agate czech glass earringsEA0141 - amethyst tourmaline earrings


{ seashells by the seashore } February 18, 2009


Is it me? Or are the days getting hotter? It’s so hot these days that I’m dreaming of the sea. Days when you do nothing, except dipping in the salty sea; hiding under a shady tree, reading a book and then falling asleep against the sound of waves and sunlight basking your back; and then waking up to dip in the sea again; and that mug of ice-cold beer at night when the sun sets across the horizon.


These earrings are inspired by those idle days by the sea. If only I have a beach summer house…


EA0073 - classic red n' silver earringsEA0074 - seashells on the seashore earrings


EA0137 - red poppies earringsEA0088 - aquamarine marquis earrings


{ go maxi this season } May 21, 2008

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This season, we see maxi prints dominate the runways, be it tribal, graphical or florals. Now, you can do maxi even when you are wearing black on that dreary day to work.


These wonderful combinations with turquoise stones remind one of the boldness and ‘no fear’ attitudes of the African Americans…and of course, their unique style. Don the earrings confidently with your hair away from your face, or use the chokers to highlight your sexy collarbones when you’re out in a black tube dress. Be bold…and beautiful!



SA0028 - raindrops teardrops setEA0110 - turquoise waterfall chandelier earrings


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