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{ seashells by the seashore } February 18, 2009


Is it me? Or are the days getting hotter? It’s so hot these days that I’m dreaming of the sea. Days when you do nothing, except dipping in the salty sea; hiding under a shady tree, reading a book and then falling asleep against the sound of waves and sunlight basking your back; and then waking up to dip in the sea again; and that mug of ice-cold beer at night when the sun sets across the horizon.


These earrings are inspired by those idle days by the sea. If only I have a beach summer house…


EA0073 - classic red n' silver earringsEA0074 - seashells on the seashore earrings


EA0137 - red poppies earringsEA0088 - aquamarine marquis earrings


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