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{ steely cool } March 31, 2010

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For my lovelies who have been shouting to me: “Give me something to give to guys!”, or “Do you have something that guys could wear?”, or “Do you have any stainless steel necklaces?”. I heard you loud and clear! 🙂


To all my cool babes and dudes, here is something for you that will appeal to your unfaltering want for the chic and the sophisticated. Made from stainless steel (chain too!), these necklaces spell understated chic with their smooth finishes and well-cut lines.


For the ladies, pair them with a simple boyfriend tee or statement-making stripes for effortless cool all year round. For the dudes, electrify your run-of-the-mill tee-and-jeans get-up with some attitude in these steely pieces.


And do I hear some of you saying “Finally!” with a wave of the hand in the air? 😛 Quantities are very limited, so grab yours now!




{ travel lite } November 12, 2008

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I’m longing for a holiday! The heart yearns for foreign lands, people of different culture and the little beauties that lie hidden in quaint corners. Stumbling upon an unexpected treasure off the beaten track is always so rewarding. This simple surprise brings a smile and brighten life, making life’s journey so much more exciting.


A list of travel essentials can be very long but these are some of my absolute picks – my suitcase (of course!), a camera to snap away at beautiful things, and a journal for jotting down thoughts, feelings & notes. Take flight with these handmade necklaces and witness inspiration abound!


NA0165 - 'Welcome to Sesame Street!' necklace

NA0170 - 'My private plane goes putt, putt...' necklace

NA0168 - ‘Merry meter, speedy beetle!’


NA0143 - 'Eager Tourist...NOT!' necklaceNA0162 - 'Unlock your bright sparks!' necklaceNA0059 - 'What's your school of thought?' necklace


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