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{ all that gold and glitter… } May 20, 2010


…are not diamonds. And, just perfect for this season’s uptown elegance or rebel cool.


Get some glitter going with your delicate feminine blouse in sheer cream, or a mini-floral print dress. Think easy elegance. A touch of luxe, and not too much.


Or if urban cool is your thing, layer simple separates in jersey, denim and leather, and throw in a touch of nostalgia with a vintage-style long necklace. I especially love that vintage gold-plated whistle! This dainty thing really works! It is harmonizing wondrously with my long black tee and blush-hued biker jacket for a downtown-perfect ensemble.





{ pop! } November 23, 2008


Pop art, popular culture, pop icons, comic and manga. The things that make up everyday life do not have to be banal. Take a bold approach and you have the pop art movement in the 50s and 60s, when the works of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, John McHale and Takashi Murakami took the stage. Like a reaction or some may say, a rebellion to the elitist view of culture, art or any other artistic expressions, pop art gives meaning to mundane objects, carousing them with parody, idealization and an unique quality that is sometimes hard to pinpoint.


Here, a series of pop icons, rendered in the form of necklaces or earrings, to lend life a little of that 60s conceptual rebellion, while still embracing what our culture has to offer us. I say, ‘pop!’ What say you? Wear. And wear it with pride.


NA0174 - Pop Goes The Beatles necklaceNA0175 - photographic marilyn necklace

EA0143 - graphic novel heroine earrings


{ travel lite } November 12, 2008

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I’m longing for a holiday! The heart yearns for foreign lands, people of different culture and the little beauties that lie hidden in quaint corners. Stumbling upon an unexpected treasure off the beaten track is always so rewarding. This simple surprise brings a smile and brighten life, making life’s journey so much more exciting.


A list of travel essentials can be very long but these are some of my absolute picks – my suitcase (of course!), a camera to snap away at beautiful things, and a journal for jotting down thoughts, feelings & notes. Take flight with these handmade necklaces and witness inspiration abound!


NA0165 - 'Welcome to Sesame Street!' necklace

NA0170 - 'My private plane goes putt, putt...' necklace

NA0168 - ‘Merry meter, speedy beetle!’


NA0143 - 'Eager Tourist...NOT!' necklaceNA0162 - 'Unlock your bright sparks!' necklaceNA0059 - 'What's your school of thought?' necklace


{ play+House } February 25, 2008

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Let’s play house!


These precious handmade necklaces conjure images of staying at home and doing things that you love! Some of the necklaces are toys themselves! You can have fun while wearing them out. Show off to your friends and let them have a go at it too! A gleeful attitude is all you need to wear them. So, deck out in your favorite pair of jeans and let them speak for your day! Afterall, what’s life without a little bit of humor and jolly playtime?


NA0135 - picnic at the fairgrounds necklace

NA0136 - my little country house necklace


NA0137 - magic mushroom kaleidoscope necklaceNA0144 - 'Paparazzi 70s!' necklaceNA0148 - 'Fun and games!' necklaceNA0072 - Captain Planet necklaceNA0139 - ‘Coffee and pastries! It’s teatime!’ necklaceNA0132 - retro goggle box necklace


~ the nightmare before christmas…is over! ~ December 25, 2007

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Merry Christmas, everyone!


The nightmare before Christmas (a featured necklace here)…is finally over! All that shopping, jostling with the crowds in town, traffic jams on the road, long queues at the gift wrap counter…all over! Enjoy today as the day you share your gifts of love with people you care about.


Wish upon a star (another necklace here) for peace, health, happiness & good tidings and keep your loved ones in prayers. As the night darkens, and owls hoot away (another necklace), remember today as the day that God sent his beloved son to Earth to redeem us and bless us with His Grace (necklace of cross featured).


Snap away (toy camera necklace featured) as you share peaceful and joyful moments with those you love! Ho! Ho! Ho!



NA0017 - Robert Rose coptic cross double strand chokerNA0069 - 'Say Cheese!' necklaceNA0036 - nightmare before xmas necklaceNA0039 - b&w owl duo necklace


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