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{ all that gold and glitter… } » NA0295 – mermaid’s treasures necklace

A REAL vintage mini whistle! How neat!

This rare find is found in the treasure trove of a mermaid who resides deep below the sea, or as I imagined it to be. Probaby some sailor dropped it during his voyage across the seas to continents beyond.

This dainty little whistle is gold-plated and so extraordinarily beautiful that I can just imagine it being kept in a little trinket chest with the mermaid’s other treasures, like a gorgeously textured starfish and a sparkling gem of a crystal.

I personally love wearing this unusual piece that has something from the past. For the ladies, it’s extremely handy to have this whistle when out at night…even if it is to frighten those wild rats, or just for the kick of it, to catch your pals off guard!

This necklace hangs long, with the pendant lying below the chest. The gold-plated whistle is vintage and IS a working whistle of a dainty size. Please read the measurements.

L 41cm • Gold-plated vintage mini whistle L 3cm D 0.5cm • Adjustable length • Dark gold textured brass chain

NA0277 – indigo dreams necklace

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