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{ pop! } » NA0175 – photographic marilyn necklace

Every fashion photographer’s dream…delving into the soul of a beauty and capturing her essence through the lens. Who better to epitomize that beauty than Marilyn Monroe? An icon, who till this day still bewitches audiences all over, she struggled against her typecasted “dumb blonde” persona to emerge an actress in her own right. Wear this necklace around your necklace and hiss at anyone who tries to typecast you. And yes, some do like it hot! Smile for the camera!

L 42.5cm • Camera pendant L 7cm H 5cm • Dark gold link chain • Fixed length

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2 Responses to “NA0175 – photographic marilyn necklace”

  1. Katie Grammes Says:

    I love marilyn monroe and i love photography! so this is the best of both worlds! i even got a monroe peircing in the worshoping process lol and plan to be a photographer.. this necklace is absolutly gorgeous! how do i purchase such an amazing item?

    • style director Says:

      Hi Katie,

      Sent you an email on november 3rd and 9th. Wondering if you have received them? 🙂

      Looking forward to hear…

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