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{ play+House } » NA0135 – picnic at the fairgrounds necklace

For all you outdoor lovers! What’s a picnic on a breezy day-out without this little boy, his cap at a jaunty angle? It goes perfectly well with white tee, denim capris and comfy slip-ons. And don’t forget your sugar biscuit, chocolate swiss roll and a carefree French-inspired checkered ribbon to add to the element of fun and glee!

L 42.5cm • Boy-in-cap wooden pendant L 5cm W 2cm • Adjustable length • Dark gold link chain

NA0136 – my little country house necklace

2 Responses to “NA0135 – picnic at the fairgrounds necklace”

  1. Audrey Says:

    Is the little boy counted as one of the necklace?

  2. style director Says:

    Hi Audrey,

    Pardon the design of the site. Something is wrong with the white background and I’m trying to get it sorted out.

    Yes, the boy is the necklace, the main pendant. Included is the checked ribbon, a retro-looking sugar biscuit and a chocolate swiss roll.

    What’s not included is the mushroom chicken house in the background.

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