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~ the nightmare before christmas…is over! ~ December 25, 2007

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Merry Christmas, everyone!


The nightmare before Christmas (a featured necklace here)…is finally over! All that shopping, jostling with the crowds in town, traffic jams on the road, long queues at the gift wrap counter…all over! Enjoy today as the day you share your gifts of love with people you care about.


Wish upon a star (another necklace here) for peace, health, happiness & good tidings and keep your loved ones in prayers. As the night darkens, and owls hoot away (another necklace), remember today as the day that God sent his beloved son to Earth to redeem us and bless us with His Grace (necklace of cross featured).


Snap away (toy camera necklace featured) as you share peaceful and joyful moments with those you love! Ho! Ho! Ho!



NA0017 - Robert Rose coptic cross double strand chokerNA0069 - 'Say Cheese!' necklaceNA0036 - nightmare before xmas necklaceNA0039 - b&w owl duo necklace


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