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{ alice in wonderland ~ part II } March 9, 2010

On the weekend that had just passed, I went to watch Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland in 3D at the cinema. No spoilers, I would divulge.

I love the CG, the dark but vivid hues, the foreground/background juxtaposition, Alice’s whimsical stripy gowns, and the white queen/red queen battles. The story is changed from the original Lewis Carroll’s tale, giving the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) a much heavier role and injecting some romantic elements in the story. Some new characters appeared, much to my surprise. I liked some of the twists, but disliked some. Having said that, making a movie is difficult. And what’s more, interpreting a classic, particularly this story, and NOT moving this fantasy tale to cutesy-ness, if you get what I mean. I’m kind of glad that Tim Burton kept to his signature style, which is still a genre on its own. The art direction, makeup and costume design are to be admired.

After watching the film, this is part II of my own interpretation of Alice In Wonderland. Collaborating with American artist, I hope you will find these bracelets adding loveliness to your wrist, and for a fun day out! Let’s get immersed in our own version of Wonderland, whatever and wherever it might be…


{ namesake – make it personal } November 1, 2009


These pieces are what have been keeping me busy (and excited!) these few months. Trying to perfect my skill and make pieces that I would wear myself, I’m happy to introduce them now, giving all you lovelies the opportunity to get them customize as well.


Hand-stamped on round discs, flower-shaped plates or star brass plates, you can now customize and make it personal with your own name, a friend’s name, a lover’s initials or your favorite word for FREE! The number of characters allowed on each design is dependent on the plate’s surface area, so please do click on the piece that interests you to find out more. Only letters and numbers are available for now. More designs would be out next year!


As these pieces are lovingly handmade and hand-stamped, please allow an additional 2 working days for creation, order processing and shipping.


{ Shop early for Christmas! }

Think this is a good gift idea for Christmas? Get them customized now! I would appreciate an early order so that I could spend sufficient time on each piece. Thank you!


{ pling’s 2nd anniversary promotion }

You heard it here 1st! pling is coming to 2 years old this December. Thank you all friends and lovelies for your support so far! In appreciation, all pling pieces on this website will be going at 10% discount from published price! And…you get FREE normal shipping in Singapore!


Get your favorite pling pieces now. Promotion and last orders for Christmas will end on 21 December 2009, 2pm.

NA0230 - 'You're an angel!' necklaceNA0246 - sakura dream necklace

NA0250 - hope & love necklaceDA0002 - dreamer loves raindrops bracelet

NA0245 - star dreamer necklaceNA0242 - thinker necklace

NA0248 - 2-letter flower & leaf necklace


{ take a bow… make a statement } September 9, 2009


No eyes will be able to avert their attention from these eye-catching necklaces that make a statement. Some combine the delicateness of a ribbon with funky chic, while another uses the appeal of vintage gold. The limited edition piece, featuring a mammoth ornate crystal glass, Swarovski pearls and star-studded clasp, is sure to excite ‘oohhs’ and ‘ahhs’.


My pieces are also getting bigger, as the season goes into Fall. With the exception of the 1st vintage piece, the rest are bigger. For my lovelies out there, who prefer something funky to go with their long T ensemble. 🙂 After speaking to many of you, I’ll start on bracelets soon. Look out for them~!


As I continue my obsession with bows (other obsessions include doves, trees, ancient keys and words plates etc.), I discover that ribbons or bows can take many faces, give different feel and suit varied personalities. A little bit of this or a little bit of that would change the look and feel of a piece. Ribbon-themed shoe clips (or brooch) can be found here.


NA0235 - vintage rosy ribbon necklaceNA0221 - noir nora necklace

NA0236 - shining star necklace



{ in actual words ~ part I } May 12, 2009


Words matter to me. But not when they are uttered separate from the heart, or in spite of the heart. I have this small obsession with singular words as I think they would mean different things to different people, and that is the beauty of it. Let your imagination run, or let your heart speak. Or hint at a past longing, a forgotten memory. In this concrete world, we might not be free to say certain things close to our heart, but at least, we could wear it near our hearts! Isn’t it great?


The 1st in a series that I will continue to make, and later on introduce some customizable ones (after I have actually figured out some techniques and find those missing tools). I’m very excited about the customized series, which I really hope to master soon and bring them to you lovelies out there who have been supporting me and pling this past 1.5 year since our inception.


NA0214 - listening to jazz necklace


NA0211 - 'it's a wonderful life!' necklace


{ You can have your cake…and keep it too! } February 4, 2008

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Whenever I feel down, a little peeved after a long host of trivial to-dos in the day, nothing beats heading to a pâtisserie/cafe/tea room with a friend and letting it all out over coffee (tea for me) and cake. And strangely, in every happy occasion that occurs in our lifetime, we seem to celebrate it with cake – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. Maybe that’s why the association with good feelings, happy thoughts and that unmistakable sweetness in your mouth.


Even as I explore the vastness of the world, I try their cakes and never had I miss going back to my favorite pâtisserie in a foreign country, once I had the good fortune to discover the artistry & delightfulness of their cakes. Inspired by such simple happiness, and enjoying the beautiful moments when friends share a cake, I bring you these handcrafted crotchet cake necklaces and endearing studs.


NA0065 - ‘Cake & tea in the garden?’ necklaceNA0094 - ‘let’s go for some cake!’ necklaceEA0047 - ‘i love ice-creams & cupcake!’ studs


~ the nightmare before christmas…is over! ~ December 25, 2007

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Merry Christmas, everyone!


The nightmare before Christmas (a featured necklace here)…is finally over! All that shopping, jostling with the crowds in town, traffic jams on the road, long queues at the gift wrap counter…all over! Enjoy today as the day you share your gifts of love with people you care about.


Wish upon a star (another necklace here) for peace, health, happiness & good tidings and keep your loved ones in prayers. As the night darkens, and owls hoot away (another necklace), remember today as the day that God sent his beloved son to Earth to redeem us and bless us with His Grace (necklace of cross featured).


Snap away (toy camera necklace featured) as you share peaceful and joyful moments with those you love! Ho! Ho! Ho!



NA0017 - Robert Rose coptic cross double strand chokerNA0069 - 'Say Cheese!' necklaceNA0036 - nightmare before xmas necklaceNA0039 - b&w owl duo necklace


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