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{ namesake – make it personal } » NA0249 – circle of life necklace

This necklace celebrates life! Hand-stamped on a smooth disc in an unassuming lowercase font, ‘life’ is encircled by a textured band to symbolize the sometime-twisting ways of life and the interwining ties we have with others. Topped with a grape and a teal Czech glass bloom, this necklace wishes that your life is bloomingly beautiful.

This necklace is long and lies below the chest.

~Namesake Necklace!~
I would love to customize the necklace for you. If you have a name you would like to make into this necklace, customization is free for 1 to 5 characters (max).

L 41.5cm • Brass silver disc D 1.5cm • Textured band D 2.8cm • Adjustable length • Rhodium chain


One Response to “NA0249 – circle of life necklace”

  1. Ellis Montieth Says:

    I’ve been scanning through your blog. You have some awesome posts on here, especially this one – I really enjoyed it…nice post. Consider yourself bookmarked

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