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{ in actual words ~ part I } » NA0212 – destiny’s child necklace

There is something about carousels, isn’t there? Round and round it goes. A child never fails to be facinated by this romantic ride. And as one can only guess where destiny will bring us, why not enjoy the childlike innocence of wondering and enjoying the ride?

Vintage carousel charm has a movable ride. Baby blue Swarovski crystal bead and sweet pink Swarovski crystal bead are added to this childlike romantic necklace to give a twinkle! Necklace is of medium length with its pendant ending at the chest.

L 27.8cm • Antiqued dark gold brass “Destiny” pendant D 2.5cm • Vintage movable carousel charm H 2cm W 1.2cm • Adjustable length • Gold chain

NA0211 – ‘it’s a wonderful life!’ necklace

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