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{ You can have your cake…and keep it too! } February 4, 2008

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Whenever I feel down, a little peeved after a long host of trivial to-dos in the day, nothing beats heading to a pâtisserie/cafe/tea room with a friend and letting it all out over coffee (tea for me) and cake. And strangely, in every happy occasion that occurs in our lifetime, we seem to celebrate it with cake – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. Maybe that’s why the association with good feelings, happy thoughts and that unmistakable sweetness in your mouth.


Even as I explore the vastness of the world, I try their cakes and never had I miss going back to my favorite pâtisserie in a foreign country, once I had the good fortune to discover the artistry & delightfulness of their cakes. Inspired by such simple happiness, and enjoying the beautiful moments when friends share a cake, I bring you these handcrafted crotchet cake necklaces and endearing studs.


NA0065 - ‘Cake & tea in the garden?’ necklaceNA0094 - ‘let’s go for some cake!’ necklaceEA0047 - ‘i love ice-creams & cupcake!’ studs


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