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{ skeleton keys } November 14, 2009


Remember the joy when you received your 1st set of keys to the house as you turn of age? Or the excitement on the vast possibilities and future jubilation when you turn the keys to your new home? Or sweet nostalgia as you handled the keys to a very special box where memories and precious things are kept? Keys mean so much…a place of security, a home you call your own, or something you want to keep secret and only you would know and understand what the contents mean to you.


These skeleton key necklaces are a continuation of my obsession with them – their simple beauty, or for some, their extremely intricate details. Popular in the late 1800s, these keys conjure images of vintage furniture, classical homes, Gothic churches and antiqued chests. The possibilities of imagination are endless when the old (the key necklaces) and the new (your outfit) co-exist in fashion and style.


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NA0239 - trio of keys necklace


{ green with envy } March 31, 2008

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Every time I fish out something from my very big bag – a pouch, a wallet, a carryall, my friends will exclaim that it’s green. Again! It seems that, without my conscious choice, I seem to always go for the color green in my accessories and sometimes, in my clothes.


It’s an easy to wear color and is often used in vintage fabrics and prints, which I love. Like blue, green is a cool color and has a calming effect. When these 2 hues combine, they echo the harmony of Mother Nature, water and forest. When worn with yellow and black (or white), green gives a outdoor sporty outlook. Purple, with green, is highly contrasting and connotes boldness in character. With neon colors so in season this spring, try it!


EA0024 - clover semi-precious earringsEA0084 - waterfall of mint earrings
SA0014 - dancing squares set

EA0043 - avocado & woad earrings set


SA0012 - pea goddess setEA0083 - trapeze drop earringsEA0023 - pine drop earrings


{ play+House } February 25, 2008

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Let’s play house!


These precious handmade necklaces conjure images of staying at home and doing things that you love! Some of the necklaces are toys themselves! You can have fun while wearing them out. Show off to your friends and let them have a go at it too! A gleeful attitude is all you need to wear them. So, deck out in your favorite pair of jeans and let them speak for your day! Afterall, what’s life without a little bit of humor and jolly playtime?


NA0135 - picnic at the fairgrounds necklace

NA0136 - my little country house necklace


NA0137 - magic mushroom kaleidoscope necklaceNA0144 - 'Paparazzi 70s!' necklaceNA0148 - 'Fun and games!' necklaceNA0072 - Captain Planet necklaceNA0139 - ‘Coffee and pastries! It’s teatime!’ necklaceNA0132 - retro goggle box necklace


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