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{ clouds and tooth } September 16, 2009


I remember when I first lost my first tooth that it was a cloudy day. I was standing by the gate, and staring at the sky with a string from my mouth. Being too afraid to visit the dentist, my traditional parents did the traditional thing of tying my very shaky tooth to a string. The other end was tied to the grilles of the gate and with one fast motion, my Daddy pulled open the gate and I remembered wailing like a little baby. Luckily, my Daddy was there to comfort me and gave me a cotton wool to bite on.


The evening then saw showers and a nice balmy night for sleeping (without a threatening tooth). Now, I still look at the clouds and think of that day (aka my 1st experience of extracting a tooth).


I wish it will rain soon…


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{ little princess } March 17, 2008

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There’s always a little princess in all of us, I believe. No matter how weathered we may have become surviving in this societal jungle, we once were (and still are, for some) Daddy’s and Mummy’s little princess. An endearing title that some lovers adopt for their gentler other half.


Be it the elegant Princess Di in real life, the gentle Snow White in fairytale land, the sci-fi Princess Leia in Star Wars, or the bubbly Princess Consort in Princess Hours, a girl can most definitely find a princess to identify with…even if it only means imagining being surrounded by bling and donning the much coveted crown!



NA0138 - ‘Princess Hours’ necklaceNA0150_sNA0131 - pretty preppy queen of rock necklace


{ retro gold } January 25, 2008


A splash of vintage gold goes a long way this season, what with yellow, petrol blue & neon being the must-have hues this year. With these statement pieces in retro gold, you can inject a dose of the seventies hell-may-care glamor or take a romantic literal lead into the imagery depicted on the necklace.


And because these necklaces are what every cool girl has (at least one!), I’m bringing them back as must-have extras for dressing up your plains, jeans or simply adding an attitude to your color combination. To avoid: dangling earrings when donning these necklaces. (They are eye-catching enough!) Simple studs will do. Now, isn’t that easy? It’s wear and go!


NA0083 - princess of the woods necklaceNA0081 - 'i miss the carousel' necklace

NA0079 - 'How much is that birdie in the window?' necklaceNA0082 - little friends of the garden necklace

NA0088 - 'Baby, I'm home!' necklace



NA0089 - watering can of my favorite things necklaceNA0086 - a tree in the heart necklaceNA0087 - quiet nights of quiet stars necklaceNA0078 - 'under the chandelier lies...' necklace


Introducing…shupg December 9, 2007

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In pling, you’ll find handmade goodies which are lovingly created & crafted. Relying on the wide premises of imagination, our experiences in life, our interaction with God and people, our influences from movies, images & music, we hope to inject some uniqueness & individuality to your style!


First up…shupg ! shupg gets her inspiration from the images that occur in her mind, from the classical pieces that she listened to and practised every day, from the everyday life when a moment is captured in the mental eye . This series of shupg creations (4 necklaces & 2 earrings) tells of a story and appeals to the romantic in all of us! Even if you don’t want to admit it!



NA0048 - country treehouse necklaceEA0055 - flirty flowers earringsNA0046EA0054 - lazy daisy earringsNA0047 - classy bookworm necklace


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