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{ retro gold } » NA0081 – ‘i miss the carousel’ necklace

Appearing in my dreamscape is this beautiful rocking horse, trotting above fluffy cloud with a snowy white tree in the background. Amidst fluttering butterflies and a lone birdie, one can just imagine riding on that carousel again, with its tinkling lights and merry music.

L 44.5cm • Rocking horse pendant L 8cm W 4.5cm • Fixed length • Dark gold chain

NA0077 – garland of peace necklace
NA0082 – little friends of the garden necklace

2 Responses to “NA0081 – ‘i miss the carousel’ necklace”

  1. Jennifer Sim Says:

    hey babe, i’m buying this for my cousin..keke..
    also to support you 🙂

  2. style director Says:

    Thanks dear! Have reserved one for you! Hope your cousin likes it. 😛

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