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{ on-the-go sling pouches } » PA0001 – bunny teddy sling pouch

A superbly colorful day in a beautifully colored garden. A bunny and a teddy bear enjoy their day out, rammaging among flowers and teasing the ants out of their nests. This print and red polka dots make this pouch unbelievably sweet and heartwarming. Flap opens to reveal 2 thoughtful compartments to organize your on-the-go essentials and prevent each from scratching the other. Roomy enough to fit an iPod, a small digital camera, or a mobile phone. Ribbed ribbon sling keeps your hands free! Cushioned to guard against knocks, its exterior is waterproofed.

Creamy-biege color • Brown ribbed ribbon sling L 123cm (from end to end, non-adjustable) • Snap clasp • Exterior size L 15cm H 10cm • Interior size L 14cm H 8cm

PA0002 – little animals sling pouch

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