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{ let’s drive down memory lane! } » NA0171 – vintage vespa necklace

In a silvery cream hue, this Vespa necklace is way cool! And so nostalgically vintage-looking that I couldn’t stop myself owning one too! If you love all things a little aged and with a story to tell, this necklace is for you.

L 42.5cm • Vespa pendant L 5cm W 5cm • Dark gold chain • Fixed length

NA0172 – home for the holidays on my beetle necklace

One Response to “NA0171 – vintage vespa necklace”

  1. ling Says:

    hello once again (: bought green beetle from you (: for this right.. the vespa is 3D? know you sold it but are there possible remakes if this is 3D.. cuz wanna get this necklace for friend as others are only 2D.. how is the vespa chained? like the green beetle so when worn the wheels will be facing down horizontally or it will be vertical? thanks (:

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