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{ in actual words ~ part II } August 27, 2009

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The 2nd part of the series on words on brass pendants. Coming soon~! Hand-stamped, customizable word pendants! Look out for that. Now, more about this series.


So many things are said…so many people don’t mean what they say or are afraid to say what they mean or feel or think. Some say rubbish or tell lies. It’s a pity!


Actions speak louder than words. That’s true. Pictures speak a thousand words. True enough. But words still matter. They give meaning and make understanding easier. When some feelings or thoughts are uncommunicated or repressed, we feel worse about ourselves or live with some regrets that the other party didn’t get the message, or understand our real feelings. It’s never easy to speak…but at least, it’s an avenue or a medium bestowed upon us by powers above, a gift that we shouldn’t abuse, neglect or take for granted. Say it with care. Say it with love.


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NA0229 - breathe...and listen to the hummingbird necklaceNA0216 - hoping for a journey on my vespa necklace



{ let’s drive down memory lane! } August 14, 2008

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They are back! My favorite vehicles – Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Beetle and Vespa. Wouldn’t it be just lovely to ‘drive down’ memory lane (literally!) in these? Eco-friendly too!



NA0173 - rainbow mini necklace



{ tribute to my favorite vehicles } January 16, 2008

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Beside the feet, these are my favorite vehicles. They are iconic, fashionable, absolutely cool and I wish I have them! And since I can’t own them in actual size, here are miniature necklaces that we can all don and sashay with an attitude that matches these automobiles.


No matter the country of origin, the Vespa (Italy), Volkswagen Van (Germany) and the Mini (UK) have captured hearts of many all over. I can just imagine driving them, with my pals alongside me, listening to the stereo, singing along, wind in our faces and hair. Isn’t that an happy imagery? Wear them with this image in your mind…walk as though you are on a road trip, constantly exploring, incessantly learning and forever awed by life’s ingenious offerings.



NA0091 - ‘let’s go cruising in my Mini!’ necklaceNA0093 - mini cooper sports necklaceNA0092 - ‘i love my vespa!’ necklaceNA0090 - volkswagen transporter van necklace


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