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{ in actual words ~ part II } » NA0229 – breathe…and listen to the hummingbird necklace

*SOLD OUT* Some days are just too much. You feel like the world is closing in on you. And everything (or everyone) needs your attention. At times like this, breathe…and let the air refresh you and your mind. For your soul, listen to the hummingbird sing as it flits from flower to flower. A Swarovski crystal, like a dewdrop, hangs from the top, scattering prisms of light as you ready yourself again.

L 42.3cm • ‘Breathe’ stamped antiqued gold pendant D 2.5cm • Adjustable length • Antiqued gold link chain

NA0216 – hoping for a journey on my vespa necklace
NA0215 – ‘Inspired? Whip out the camera.’ necklace

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