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{ ring! ring! } June 26, 2009

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Somedays, I wish to wear a simple ring…a casual fun finger-wear that I can touch and feel when I’m thinking on bus trips, or mindlessly finger as I gaze out of the window at the moving scenery.

These simple creations are grouped together for easy viewing. Price stated is for each ring. Do let me know which ring you fancy in each picture. All rings have an adjustable nickel-free band if you are sensitive to this metal.



8 Responses to “{ ring! ring! }”

  1. Tracy Lye (remember me?) :) Says:

    Do you still have another of the ‘create’ ring?
    If so, i would like to buy one 🙂

    • Tracy Says:

      Hi Tracy comrade!

      Of course I remember you!! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my site. U are also handmaking something rite? I went by your site a few week ago. Good for u! Handmade rocks! I hope this culture catches on soon.

      Sorry, the ring is the last one. Don’t have another one liao.

      Do check back often to see if anything else catches your eye!

      Do take care in this weather.

      Cheers, Tracy pling

      tel: (65) 6504 2100 :: fax: (65) 6504 2300 :: mobile: (65) 9650 3625

  2. Deeron Says:

    Hi there, I would like to have the create ring also.

  3. shusze Says:

    Hello I love the rings on your website! Do you make them yourself? Is the yellow-pink polka dotted round ring still available? (the one in the same picture as ‘SMILE’)

  4. style director Says:

    Hi Shusze,

    Thank you for your interest in my pieces! 🙂 yes, I made them myself. That ring is sold out and I don’t have the base anymore to make another one. Sorry to disappoint you! Do join us on FB so that you get the latest updates and previews. Most of our pieces are limited in quantity, so best to grab them there!

  5. Jaylene Says:

    Hello there 😀

    I’m just wondering if the inspire ring [The one with the word ‘inspire’] is still avaliable?


    • style director Says:

      Hi Jaylene,

      Yes, it’s still available. 🙂 I’ve sent you an email. Hear from you soon~!

  6. Lynette Says:

    Hi, is the inspire or create ring still available?

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