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{ among flowers and butterflies } March 24, 2008

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We have always been inspired by Nature, one of God’s many gifts to mankind. Besides animals, films and music, pling has looked to flora and its faithful companion, butterflies, for inspiration. In one of my travels, Rome in particular (of which I’m sharing 2 of my pictures with you here), I was lucky to chance upon a huge garden of lavender in front of Galleria Borghese (a museum) and a tiny garden of wild flowers on a hillside, facing the ancient city.



Such was the beauty around us! If only we can always find time to stop and admire them…well, at least with these accessories, we can wear them and borrow Nature’s beauty to adorn our everyday lives.



EA0063 - rose in a frame studsEA0012 - butterfly flutterlace earringsEA0079 - flower of the orient earrings



{ turkish delight } March 4, 2008

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A chance meeting with 2 interesting brothers from Turkey led me to these rare finds! Individually handcrafted by them from a special copper alloy, these earrings sport unique shapes and are painted by hand. If you love the bohemian look, these earrings are seeped in ethnicity and look great when paired with a long black skirt and a simple, vibrantly colored tank top. And if you are the no-fuss kind of babe, deck these out with your hair up and wear an uncomplicated top for that effortless look.


EA0077 - kiterunner earringsEA0076 - scalloped teardrop earringsEA0075 - on angel’s wings earrings


{ You can have your cake…and keep it too! } February 4, 2008

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Whenever I feel down, a little peeved after a long host of trivial to-dos in the day, nothing beats heading to a pâtisserie/cafe/tea room with a friend and letting it all out over coffee (tea for me) and cake. And strangely, in every happy occasion that occurs in our lifetime, we seem to celebrate it with cake – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. Maybe that’s why the association with good feelings, happy thoughts and that unmistakable sweetness in your mouth.


Even as I explore the vastness of the world, I try their cakes and never had I miss going back to my favorite pâtisserie in a foreign country, once I had the good fortune to discover the artistry & delightfulness of their cakes. Inspired by such simple happiness, and enjoying the beautiful moments when friends share a cake, I bring you these handcrafted crotchet cake necklaces and endearing studs.


NA0065 - ‘Cake & tea in the garden?’ necklaceNA0094 - ‘let’s go for some cake!’ necklaceEA0047 - ‘i love ice-creams & cupcake!’ studs


{ of animals and men } January 17, 2008

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Our favorite character series is back! French-inspired, these characters make me think of flying to Paris and listening to the melodic ring of the French language. Whether your passion is in cooking, gardening or flying (and I don’t mean as a bird), these necklaces speak your language as you let them dangle cheerfully on a relaxing day out in jeans and tee or a simple blouse.


And add these animals to your collection! There’s the wacky giraffe, a Eeyore lookalike and a soaring bird. Isn’t it nice to escape the mediocrity of everyday life once in while? We’ve even let our imagination run wild and imagine that a helicopter can fly us to the moon. A girl can dream… 😛



NA0070 - ‘Fly me to the moon’ necklaceNA0068 - wonky giraffe wooden necklaceNA0100 - 'Green fingers!' necklaceNA0061 - 'Cuckoo! The clock strikes one!' necklaceNA0099 - 'Fly...over the rainbow' necklaceNA0098 - ‘Truffles, monsieur?’ necklaceNA0097 - ‘Hee Haw, Eeyore’ necklace


{ tribute to my favorite vehicles } January 16, 2008

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Beside the feet, these are my favorite vehicles. They are iconic, fashionable, absolutely cool and I wish I have them! And since I can’t own them in actual size, here are miniature necklaces that we can all don and sashay with an attitude that matches these automobiles.


No matter the country of origin, the Vespa (Italy), Volkswagen Van (Germany) and the Mini (UK) have captured hearts of many all over. I can just imagine driving them, with my pals alongside me, listening to the stereo, singing along, wind in our faces and hair. Isn’t that an happy imagery? Wear them with this image in your mind…walk as though you are on a road trip, constantly exploring, incessantly learning and forever awed by life’s ingenious offerings.



NA0091 - ‘let’s go cruising in my Mini!’ necklaceNA0093 - mini cooper sports necklaceNA0092 - ‘i love my vespa!’ necklaceNA0090 - volkswagen transporter van necklace


~ “Baby, it’s gold outside!” ~ December 31, 2007

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“I really can’t stay.” / “Baby, it’s cold outside!”


Battle fabulously against the elements with shimmering gold. There’s no reason to give up on glamor just because it’s raining outside in our little island and the thermostat swings from ridiculously hot at noon to chillingly cold (esp at shopping malls) whenever it rains.


It’s time to take out your New Year’s outfit and go to the next level with the color of grandeur. Add a golden glow by wearing a small amount of bright gold that catches the eye. Or toss in some warmth with darker gold that’s more subdued in lavishness.


How to wear gold?


1. Don’t wear gold from head to toe! You’ll end up looking overly extravagant & attracting the wrong kind of people. Get in the gold rush by donning small impact pieces.


2. Mix gold accessories with a neutral outift, or your basic black or white for impact. Gold pieces are great for dressing up your good old denim during your daytime prowl. Turn up the gleam factor pairing big gold pieces with a well-cut, sultry or short outfit for parties, depending on whether you want to look elegant, sexy or playful.


3. Wear gold on the body part that you want to bring attention to, like necklaces for collarbones, or earrings for face. Gold color has the ability to light up small places!


So, if you are needing some brightness and cheer, or warmth and thrill in this rainy season, wear gold. And see in the year 2008 with inimitable style! Happy New Year, everyone! Peace, health and happiness! Cya next year (which is tomorrow)! 🙂



NA0011 - Carolee garland of sparkles necklaceNA0023 - dainty silhouette necklaceNA0014 - George triple-strand pendant necklaceEA0031 - Liz Clairborne light gold quadruple chain earringsNA0024 - dainty diamante necklaceEA0036 - Kenneth Cole chain dangle earrings


~ the nightmare before christmas…is over! ~ December 25, 2007

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Merry Christmas, everyone!


The nightmare before Christmas (a featured necklace here)…is finally over! All that shopping, jostling with the crowds in town, traffic jams on the road, long queues at the gift wrap counter…all over! Enjoy today as the day you share your gifts of love with people you care about.


Wish upon a star (another necklace here) for peace, health, happiness & good tidings and keep your loved ones in prayers. As the night darkens, and owls hoot away (another necklace), remember today as the day that God sent his beloved son to Earth to redeem us and bless us with His Grace (necklace of cross featured).


Snap away (toy camera necklace featured) as you share peaceful and joyful moments with those you love! Ho! Ho! Ho!



NA0017 - Robert Rose coptic cross double strand chokerNA0069 - 'Say Cheese!' necklaceNA0036 - nightmare before xmas necklaceNA0039 - b&w owl duo necklace


~ remember the good ole days ~ December 21, 2007

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Go on a nostalgic journey when you were still a little girl…ogling at granny’s gleaming gold handbag and those large frame spectacles that are making a comeback now…dialing a rotary phone that’s oh-so-cool and going ‘Hello! Hello!’ while cradling the handset that was too big for your tiny hands…hiding under the soft, warm patchwork blanket that mummy or granny has made specially for you.


These retro accessories remind you of a bygone era. I love retro and vintage clothings, home decor and lifestyle items. Why? Because they have history. Because they have a story to tell. Because they are usually colorful, bold, subtly embellished and absolutely cool.


How then do you wear these retro accessories? The key is keeping the rest of your outfit simple. Not too much bling-bling or complicated prints on the rest of your outerwear or you risk looking like a X’mas tree. Let the piece be the statement itself. And most importantly, wear it with attitude!


Spice up your style, get creative now and let’s go retro!



NA0067 - ‘Good Kitty!’ necklaceNA0071 - ‘I spy with my little eye…’ necklaceNA0060 - 'flitter, flutter' necklaceNA0073 - ‘Ring, ring, anyone home?’ necklaceNA0062 - retro bag of goodies necklace


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