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{ of animals and men } January 17, 2008

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Our favorite character series is back! French-inspired, these characters make me think of flying to Paris and listening to the melodic ring of the French language. Whether your passion is in cooking, gardening or flying (and I don’t mean as a bird), these necklaces speak your language as you let them dangle cheerfully on a relaxing day out in jeans and tee or a simple blouse.


And add these animals to your collection! There’s the wacky giraffe, a Eeyore lookalike and a soaring bird. Isn’t it nice to escape the mediocrity of everyday life once in while? We’ve even let our imagination run wild and imagine that a helicopter can fly us to the moon. A girl can dream… 😛



NA0070 - ‘Fly me to the moon’ necklaceNA0068 - wonky giraffe wooden necklaceNA0100 - 'Green fingers!' necklaceNA0061 - 'Cuckoo! The clock strikes one!' necklaceNA0099 - 'Fly...over the rainbow' necklaceNA0098 - ‘Truffles, monsieur?’ necklaceNA0097 - ‘Hee Haw, Eeyore’ necklace


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