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{ of animals and men } » NA0070 – ‘Fly me to the moon’ necklace

*SOLD* A starry night lightly dusted with twinkling stars. A leisurely stroll by the river, feet a-tapping on moist cobbled streets. Wish you were standing on top the Eiffel tower? Pretend you were a millionaire, pick up the phone and your private bling-studded heli is at your beck and call. Fly me to the moon!

L 41cm • Metal helicopter pendant 4cm • Puffy felt leafy plant pendant 6cm • Eiffel tower+flower petal dangle 6.5cm • Lace flower charm 2.5cm • Fixed length • Black color link chain

NA0068 – wonky giraffe wooden necklace
NA0097 – ‘Hee Haw, Eeyore’ necklace

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