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{ bella’s bracelet } November 20, 2009

One day, I was sent a picture of a bracelet to customize for a customer, a year ago. Yes, a year ago! This bracelet hailed from a picture in the Twilight series’ by Stephanie Meyer, called Eclipse. Yes, guilty as charged, I didn’t read the books. 🙂 Yet. And with the upcoming New Moon movie, I thought to release this before the movie so that 2 customers could wear it to the screening and be absolutely thrilled.

After watching the Twilight DVD (Though the bracelet was not shown then, one could sense the upcoming love struggle that the protagonist Bella Swan faces between Edward and Jacob. I want to understand it better.), I got round to making it which includes getting the wooden wolf charm hand-carved in great detail by a skilled carpenter. I thought as a keepsake bracelet and being important to a fan of the series, I should not skimp on using good materials and spending time on the details. So, here they are and I’ve only 2 to sell as the wooden wolf charms were only completed after 3 frustrating attempts by the artisan! Of course, he decided not to do more. Sad. So here goes…

Whether you are rooting for Edward or Jacob, you can still wear your heart on your sleeve and flaunt the romantic in you. Dark romantic for some of you (wolves and vampines I mean!).

The rhodium bracelet features hand-carved wooden wolf charm, a Swarovski heart crystal and a Swarovski mini red crystal, and closes with a toggle clasp. Click on picture for description and to order.

DA0001 - bella's braceletDA0001 - closeup of bella's bracelet


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