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Inspired by the Twilight series, and based on the bracelet in Eclipse, the 3rd book in the series by Stephenie Meyer, this Bella’s bracelet follows closely to the picture and description in the novel. The Swarovski crystal heart is a symbol of Edward, casting glitters of psychedelic light on the walls. The wooden wolf, specially hand-carved by an artisans I managed to locate, is a symbol of Jacob and beautifully made from brown wood.

Whether you are rooting for Edward or Jacob, this Bella’s bracelet will give you charming thoughts of love and romance. And if you are fan of the Twilight series, it’s a must-have.

Only 2 is available. Hurry!

Length can be customized. Let me know! 🙂

L 17cm • Wooden hand-carved wolf L 2.7cm H 2.2cm Thickness 0.35cm • Toggle clasp • Rhodium chain

reference picture from customer
DA0001 – closeup of bella’s bracelet

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