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{ earth goddess } April 22, 2010

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April 22, Earth Day – Celebrate the Earth goddess in you with 15% OFF these handmade, Earth-themed pieces. See everything on sale here!


Offer valid till April 25, 2010 (Sunday). To order, email with:

1. product code
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4. payment mode (bank transfer or PayPal)


Now, sharing my small, but sustainable efforts in the Earth movement… It’s easy! And I manage to influence some of my pals, and the mothers and aunties in my neighborhood – a lot of them have started using recycling bags for their groceries shopping! No more plastic bags!


Small actions, big difference:

1. Bring a reusable bag every day – you don’t know when you will shop or do groceries!

2. Recycle. Separate your paper waste and plastic bottles, dump them in separate bags, and bring to the nearest recycling centre every week.

3. Buy value packs of cleaning agents. Not only do you reduce usage of plastic containers, you save $ too.

4. Use the water from washing rice and vegetables to water my plants and my organic chili plant.

5. pling doesn’t use styrofoam or plastic in the packaging of our pieces. You have a silk organza pouch which you can reuse to store other trinkets.

6. Use natural, plants-only skincare. Through transdermal absorption, a high percentage of whatever you apply to your skin is absorbed. Chronic use of chemical laden ingredients will cause the body to store the chemicals. Do you really want that? And, a BIG ‘No!’ to animal testing!



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