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{ lovely as a tree } » NA0231 – blossoming gold tree necklace

Simply lovely, this matt gold tree necklace has a singular yellow Czech glass bloom burgeoning from its little branches. Simple to wear, and yet big on its eco message.

The tree pendant rests right below the neck and slightly above the chestbone.

L 26.5cm • Tree pendant W 3.3cm H 2.1cm • Adjustable length • Gold color chain

Trees of all shades at Jardin du Luxembourg
NA0232 – blossoming silver tree necklace

2 Responses to “NA0231 – blossoming gold tree necklace”

  1. shyan Says:

    will the gold colour (chain) fade due to hair gel/sweat?

    • pling Says:

      Hi Shyan,
      Thank you for your interest and question on this necklace! 🙂
      Most materials will change (darken, not lighten) if they come into direct contact with chemicals and sweat. I kept one of this necklace and wore it a few times since its creation. The color of the brass chain did not fade at all. 🙂 However, the brass clasp/extension at the back did darken when I perspire in this crazily hot weather, but those are at the back and hardly noticeable. Hope this helps~!

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