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~ earrings to glam it up! ~ December 5, 2007

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Earrings are not just mere decoration. They are an accessory staple that reflect our personality and style for that day or event.


After zipping up that dress & dusting on that finishing loose powder, there’s really no much time left to so-called ‘complete the look’ before we head out to the big big world. So what should we girls do when we don’t want to look bare and yet so pressed for time that we can’t afford the luxury of assessing if we look coordinated? Here’s my solution: Quickly slap on a pair of earrings, some lip balm…and off we go!


Here are some earrings that are bound to glam up your night out…what with all the wedding dinners and X’mas parties happening this month, they sure would come in handy. Minimal effort, maximum effect!


I remembered watching a certain TV show (I think it’s Sex and the City. Or is it a movie?), where a certain character said that if you see a woman not wearing earrings, it’s like she’s sending subtle signs of “Please don’t talk to me. I’m not out to have fun.” I don’t know why…but this scene is stuck in my head and since then, I’ve never left home without a pair of earrings. You shouldn’t too!


EA0033 - plum pink dramatic chandelier earrings


EA0035 - Marvella waterfall chandelier earringsSA0006 - Haskell peacock blue daisy & teardrop setEA0022 - Haskell green rhinestones drop earringsEA0032 - Liz Clairborne fair gold dangling earrings


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