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{ express yourself } » SHR004 – ‘If you’re not confused…’ adjustable ring

It’s a complicated world. There are complicated people. Things are complicated. Sometimes, we get confused because we are paying attention. Conversely, words don’t seem to adequately express certain things and we get confused. Or, simply put, things can be simpler if we keep it simple. No matter how you interpret it, you’ll love the multiplicity of this adjustable ring.

This ring is hand-drawn, hand-cut and handmade with a protective glaze on top to prevent the drawings from running.

W 3cm H 4cm • Adjustable • Silver color ring base
CUSTOMIZATION: Express yourself | Write your own words
Add $5 (max 15 characters)

Change into a pair of earrings: $35
Change into a pendant necklace: $38

Want it bigger? Ring will measure 5cm x 4cm (max 25 characters)
Ring: $32
Necklace: $40
Earrings: $38

Want it smaller? Ring will measure 3cm x 2cm (max 8 characters)
Ring: $28
Earrings: $32
Necklace: $34

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