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{ golden ears } » EA0155 – in a sea of green dainty earrings

These cusps, from which clear green Swarovski crystals hung, have etchings that remind me of corals in a sea. Taken real close-up, these dainty earrings are perfect for those days that need you to grab-and-go, but yet look appropriately unrushed and fabulously dressed up!

L 4.5cm W 1.4cm • Gold ear wires

EA0087 – amber links of elegance clip-on earrings

One Response to “EA0155 – in a sea of green dainty earrings”

  1. Caroline Lim-Chia Says:

    Hi there

    Can I purchase the ‘in a Sea of Green (sgd22) earrings’ as featured on your site if available ?

    Hear from you soon on internet transfer modes of payment and delivery.

    Cheerios & thanks

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