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{ when i was a little girl… } » NA0177 – majestic colorful carousel necklace

Flags flutter and trumpets sound. The carnival is here and they are setting up the carousel! Isn’t it lovely? There’s something nostalgically romantic about these merry-go-rounds that tug at the hearts of the child in all of us. This necklace is a statement piece with its sizable colorful carousel pendant that belongs to the nostalgic whimsy feel – romantic, with a story, vintage toy look. Goes well with solid color dress/top. I wore mine with a bright blue knee-length dress and never looked back.

L 45.8cm • Carousel pendant H 8.6cm W 7.4cm • Fixed length • Gold link chain

AA0004 – noir beaded ribbon multi-clip

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  2. style director Says:

    Thanks! Every week in fact! 🙂 Check back or sign up for our enewsletter. (See rotating banner on the right)

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