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~ i’m in a whimsical mood! ~ December 16, 2007

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whim•si•cal (hwim-zi-kuh), adj. playfully quaint or fanciful, esp. in an appealing and amusing way; playful; quirky; eccentric; mischievous; unconventional


If you feel any of the above, these necklaces are for you. Wear them out to add that spring to your step! Be bold to wow even if you are feeling a little lazy to dress up. These necklaces are perfect with your plain tee and jeans or a printed skirt. Coupled with a lazy afternoon, you are set for a wonderful time out in town!


As these necklaces are full of character, each with a story to tell, a mood to convey, avoid dangling earrings or elaborate drops that will crowd your style. Your top can be of any color (as long as it’s different from the main pendant’s color), even with some frills, but no prints would be best in order to bring out the humorous disposition of these accessories.


Enjoy them! What’s life without exhibiting that witticism of yours?



NA0053 - ‘horsing around allowed!’ necklaceNA0055 - postman a-knocking necklaceNA0056 - ‘an apple a day…’ necklaceNA0054 - ‘duck, duckie. Duck!’ necklaceNA0057 - 'apple pie and everything nice~!' necklace


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