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~ dressing up your plains ~ December 3, 2007

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A quick and easy way to dress up your plain (meaning no prints), single-colored tops is to throw over one of these necklaces. Less than 1 minute, and you make your own statement. Be it the elaborate ones or the simple nostalgic ones, your casual getup is no longer boring. Spice it up now!


NA0038 - bambi & butterfly necklace

Prices quoted are before delivery.


NA0033 - my nighttime feathered friend necklaceNA0034 - nikon camera necklaceNA0031 - ancient key necklaceNA0040 - bidel shutterbug bronzy gold necklaceNA0037 - cello & bow bling necklaceNA0028 - love’s little sparrow necklaceNA0032 - exotic flowery motif necklaceNA0029 - tinkerbell necklaceNA0030 - rose in a butterfly cage


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