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{ alice in wonderland ~ part II } » DA0006 – night time bracelet

When the usually pink roses look dark, and the stars hang high above the sky, and the clock strikes twelve, you know it’s time to head for slumberland. Dream, dream, and wake up to a new day when you can continue to push on.

This whimsical bracelet celebrates the end of the day, too often seen as the end, but could also be viewed as the beginning of one’s dreamscape, and where anything is possible. Just like the world illustrated by Lewis Carroll in Alice In Wonderland.

Made with a semiprecious cat’s eye star, a black rose cabochon and a filigree, the watch face bracelet is given prominence with the complementary tones of black, gold and pink.

Bracelet can be lengthened or shortened to fit your wrist. Please drop me a note.

L 16cm (min) to 20cm (max) • Framed White Rabbit D 2.8cm • Gold brass clasp • Gold brass chain

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3 Responses to “DA0006 – night time bracelet”

  1. Deirdre Says:

    Hi there! I’m interested in the night time bracelet. Kindly drop me an email? Cheers!

  2. Javine Says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the night time bracelet too, pls email me 

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