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{ alice in wonderland ~ part II } March 9, 2010

On the weekend that had just passed, I went to watch Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland in 3D at the cinema. No spoilers, I would divulge.

I love the CG, the dark but vivid hues, the foreground/background juxtaposition, Alice’s whimsical stripy gowns, and the white queen/red queen battles. The story is changed from the original Lewis Carroll’s tale, giving the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) a much heavier role and injecting some romantic elements in the story. Some new characters appeared, much to my surprise. I liked some of the twists, but disliked some. Having said that, making a movie is difficult. And what’s more, interpreting a classic, particularly this story, and NOT moving this fantasy tale to cutesy-ness, if you get what I mean. I’m kind of glad that Tim Burton kept to his signature style, which is still a genre on its own. The art direction, makeup and costume design are to be admired.

After watching the film, this is part II of my own interpretation of Alice In Wonderland. Collaborating with American artist, I hope you will find these bracelets adding loveliness to your wrist, and for a fun day out! Let’s get immersed in our own version of Wonderland, whatever and wherever it might be…


6 Responses to “{ alice in wonderland ~ part II }”

  1. flora Says:

    halo! m interested in the rabbis is blue bracelet/ alice in wonderland bracelet.
    may i noe wats the material used?? will it turn color/rust after use??? any discounts for this???


  2. pling Says:

    Dear Flora,

    Have replied to your email. 🙂


  3. Chris Says:

    I love the Alice in wonderland bracelet which is sold out. I only came across this in a mag yesterday. Any chance you going to stock up more? Cheers

  4. pling Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Replied to your comment via email. 🙂
    Thank you for your enquiry! This bracelet has sold out and I’m working with the artist to get the illustrations and parts done again. It will be another 2-3 weeks before they will be in from USA. For now, I do not have stock, but would be happy to put you on the wait list and inform you when they are in. That is, if you would be able to wait and if the bracelet is not an urgent gift.

    Hear from you soon!


  5. Alice Says:

    Hi. I’m interested in the Alice in wonderland bracelet. Do you still have stock? Thanks

    • pling Says:

      Hi Alice,
      Thank you for your interest. Yes, it’s still available. I have worked with the designer to restock the parts. To order, drop me an email at with your delivery address and preferred bracelet length, and I will follow up with the payment details.

      Looking forward to serving you! 🙂

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